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guitar lessons for kids at Guitar Center

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Thinking about signing your child up for guitar lessons? This summer, I really wanted Savannah to have an ongoing musical experience and guitar felt like the right fit. Where better to go than to the experts at Guitar Center who are passionate about both music and teaching, with the experience to back it up? Here’s what we think so far about Savannah’s lessons at Guitar Center.

As a mom, it is always fun to watch your kids learn something new, from learning to read, to riding a bike and beyond. SO of course, I’ve enjoyed peeking in on Savannah’s lessons and listening to her practice at home. Her first lesson, she was feeling pretty nervous. She is good at maintaining her composure and guards her feelings, so I had no idea on the ride up. It wasn’t until she was in the lesson that I realized she was nervous!

The instructor (Juan) caught on immediately and was able to put her at ease. Before I knew it, she was following a pattern of notes and her instructor was jammin’ alongside. It was really awesome to watch. This was just lesson one and I knew there was great potential for Savannah and her summer of music.

Knowing how to teach kids and put them at ease is a real gift. Guitar Center in Palm Desert has the best laid back, friendly vibe. The staff seriously made us both feel so welcome and seemed genuinely excited to have a new student to teach. I had never been in inside before, but my husband and son have spent some time in there on a few different occasions, killing time while Savannah and I clothes shop nearby. I can see the attraction! Wow, Guitar Center is definitely fully stocked with everything a guitar (and of course other instruments too) player could need, including lots of beautiful guitars. Savannah is already eyeing a guitar of her own, instead of bumming her dad’s!

While I was mostly excited for Savannah to have an educational, positive hobby for the summer, it has been much more than that. I do love that practicing at home means less screen time but I’m also loving Savannah’s new enthusiasm for music. She has always loved listening to and singing along to music… next up, I am definitely getting her voice lessons at Guitar Center… but I’ve never seen her excited to play it. The recorder doesn’t really muster up many emotions or much excitement. haha

Guitar lessons are pushing her to a new level of music appreciation, and that is so cool. I didn’t foresee that bonus. Just a couple weeks ago she was buying a very unlike-her Jimi Hendrix t-shirt and a raglan with The Beatles on it. She’s finally starting to appreciate some of the old stuff I love! What I did foresee was a bump in confidence and I’ve definitely seen that. Learning a new instrument is a perfect opportunity for worthy praise from mom and dad. I love encouraging her and she has made it easy with her surprising diligence at practicing.

At the first lesson, Savannah received a practice book for electric guitars and a level one lanyard, which she can level up as she improves. The curriculum at Guitar Center  is based on a progressive advancement model and focused on teaching theory through contemporary music. All curriculum programs are approved by the National Association for Music Education, the world’s largest arts education organization. With your kid in mind, they tailor the curriculum to their personal goals and interests with a database on thousands of songs to learn.

A big perk of learning guitar lessons at the Guitar Center is that they are everywhere, right? With over 200 locations nationally, there is one right down the street from most everyone. The same curriculum is used at all locations, so students can take lessons from any instructor at any location. Guitar Center is all about flexibility, which I have truly put to the test as we navigate around our very busy, traveling summer. Find a Guitar Center location near you here.

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