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shatter resistant glass baby bottles {5 Phases}

5 phases glass bottle review At this point, a good majority of us have migrated over to glass baby bottles, and with good reason.  The BPA and phthalates scare was enough for me to shun most any plastic altogether, but especially when it came to my daughter.  Studies have shown throughout its lifecycle, plastics can continually leach chemicals. Of most concern are plastics labeled #3 polyvinyl chloride, which contain phthalates, #6 polystyrene and #7 polycarbonates which contain BPA. However, there are still concerns associated with ANY plastics and leaching chemicals. The better alternative for baby is glass.

5 Phases founder, Christine,  became acutely aware of the  dangers after her baby was diagnosed with a birth defect.  She received information from her doctor that pointed at BPA or phtalates leaching as a potential cause.  Well this kicked her into high gear, determined to design a safe, top of the line glass baby bottle.  She achieved her goal.  5 Phases glass baby bottles are high quality hybrids.  The  shatter-resistant glass insert houses the formula/breast milk (8 oz).  The glass insert is placed into a BPA/phthalates free plastic sleeve.  This sleeve exists for not only an exceptionally comfortable hold, but also to contain the glass if it did happen to break (by heat or other force).

Sliding the glass insert in is easy (if it is not, you’re doing something wrong) but at the same time, the plastic sleeve hugs the glass, avoiding a slosh of milk over the side.  This is topped with one of three vented nipples: (0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months) and secured with the screw-on cap.  There are two other key pieces, one being the top that makes transporting the bottles easier and mess-free, and the silicone glass bottle plug.  This is a really exciting feature to me.   You can buy extra glass inserts and make up your formula ahead of time, plug them, and refrigerate.  All glass inserts fit into the plastic sleeve, making this bottle more economic.  All parts are dishwasher safe and you better believe you can microwave this one.  She thought of it all!! Your baby will love feeding time with this eco-friendly gem.

Because 5 Phases is dedicated to improving children’s lives by removing environmental impacts, they also support Operation Smile.  Operation Smile consists of medical volunteers who provide free physical exams and reconstructive surgery for children with cleft lips, palates, and other facial deformities.  The causes of the deformities are unknown but environmental factors are suspect.

Purchase your own high-quality 5 Phases products straight from their website and support this mompreneur.

Special thanks to 5 Phases for providing a sample for review purposes.

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