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My husband grew up playing golf. His father started him at a young age (not as young as Tiger). He ended up loving so many things about it that he played all the way through school. In college he had the dream of opening his own pro shop and designing a course of his own. When we had a daughter, he was very excited to help her learn about the game. Every night, you’ll find my husband in the backyard practicing his swing. It didn’t take long for my daughter to ask if she could swing a club as well. First thing I did was to look for the necessary tools for her to learn the sport correctly. I found all that I was looking for and so much more at US Kids Golf.

Why would anyone teach the game of golf to a child? Well, we all want our kids to develop into responsible adults.  The game of golf has at its core a standard of behavior that lends itself to positive development.  Personal skills such as honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect are all present in golf, regardless of the level of competition.  Golf teaches kids to use good judgment and be responsible for their actions.  It also encourages the highest level of sportsmanship.  What other sport allows you to call a penalty on yourself with examples of this very thing being demonstrated on the biggest stages of the game? That all being said, golf teaches your child so much more than just the rules of the game.

US Kids Golf not only provides the accessories for your child to play the game correctly, but they also have tools to help them learn. Their Learning Programs provide detailed information on how to help teach them the game properly along with fun tips. The booklet for ages 5 and under is free, so print off your copy! They also have listing of family golf courses, these courses allow kids and beginners the ability to play golf from appropriate yardages that give the golfer the confidence of shooting closer to par and the comfort of keeping up with pace of play. This way your little ones don’t get discouraged when it takes them longer to play. I can’t imagine playing from the black tee’s when golfing. I’d be discouraged too. Women have their own tee’s so why shouldn’t kids.

Having the appropriate equipment for your kids is essential for them to learn appropriately as well. My daughter is just starting to learn on the course, so it’s important for them to have stability in their stance. If in regular shoes, they will slide around and not have the grip on their shoes that they need during their swing. Since she’s just learning, I purchased US Kids Golf Spikeless Shoe with Velcro for her. This way she can easily put them on herself. I suggest sizing up a 1/2 size or so since they run a little snug. For her age, we also chose the SS 70 Mph balls for her. In pink, of course. Now, don’t mind her jeans, I know they aren’t appropriate for the golf course, and my daughter kept reminding me how hard they were to play in. We had a storm come through and had some insanely cold weather while we were out playing. Jeans were the only pants I had along with us, so unfortunately, they were the pants of choice. I love US Kids Golf sleeveless shirts. They seem to give my daughter less obstruction during her swings. They even have amazing prices in their outlets that you should definitely check out.

Head over to US Kids Golf here and check out their lessons, family courses, golf camps, tournaments and even the accessories your child will need to play the game. The customer service reps are extremely helpful and will help answer questions like “what size clubs should I get my child” and any other questions you might have.

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