how to get back into the school routine

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Moms everywhere are freaking out.  It is back to school season and when we are not frantically running around, shopping for fall clothes and school supplies, we’re balling our eyes wondering where the time went – where did our babies go?!  It is a time full of emotions and stress but also excitement.  Take a deep breath and get back into the school year routine with these tips:

I have two kids in school this year for the very first time.  Savannah is entering 5th grade and my baby Gabe is now TK (transitional kindergarten).  I’m pretty pumped for both of them and excited to see what this year has in store for them.  We homeschool through charter co-op (Gabe) and virtual academy (Savannah), so preparing for back to school is a LOT.  Not only do I need to get the normal supplies, I need to re-build and stock a classroom plus read through “learning coach guides” and start lesson planning.

Whether your school days are filled with early breakfasts, lunchbox making, pick-ups, drop-offs and homework OR lesson planning and teaching, back to school can be rough.  Starting a new routine is hard, always, especially after a long and lazy summer break.  Everything starts to calm down when everyone is back in their schedule though, so start right away and stick to it!

bedtime and wake up are constants

Sticking to a strict sleep schedule is probably the most important part of any daily routine.  We all need our sleep, especially kiddos with their brains in full learning mode.  School calls for well-rested kids so don’t budge on bedtime.

start a week before

Tip #1 brings me to tip #2.  Start your new routine a week before school actually starts.  This gives you and your kids time to adjust and also allows you to gradually shift if that works better for your family.

fuel up at breakfast

It can be really easy to throw an untoasted PopTart at the kids and call it a day, but fight the urge to be lazy.  Breakfast is your only chance to pump the kids full of nutrients before a long school day.  I am definitely not saying you have to even cook anything, but consider offering fruit and yogurt with their toast or cereal.  Running short on time?  Protein and granola bars are great additions and they can even eat them on the way to school.  Homeschool mom?  This tip applies to you too – teachers need fuel as well!

designate and organize homework/school space

As a homeschool mom I know how important it is to separate home and school.  Having a designated space just for learning really helps the school day flow better.  This also goes for traditional school homework assignments.  Choose a space that is away from where the rest of the family hangs, away from distractions and clean/organized.  It helps the homework go faster.

maximize your night befores

The night before is your time to get organized and prepared for the next day.  Try not to zonk out before choosing the next day’s outfits, organizing backpacks and packing lunch.  I am not a morning person so I try to do as little as possible in the morning, and that is why the night before is always my best friend.  For homeschool moms, have tomorrow’s lessons and schedule ready to go, including all hands-on materials needed.  More time in the morning means more time for caffeine.

hang the family calendar 

The more people in your family, the more you need to have ONE family calendar with everyone’s schedules together.  Keep it hung up and where everyone can read it.  Don’t forget to mark half days and school holidays.  This is also a great place to mark due dates for long term projects so you can remember to remind your kids as time passes.

keep the house clean

I know.  With school, fall sports and other obligations taking up your day, it can be really REALLY difficult to keep a tidy home.  Trust me though, a messy house is only going to make your stress worse.  Add regular cleaning times into your fall schedule – while the kids are away at school or while they are working on homework.  Homeschool moms, during individual reading sessions or lunch break.

I try not to get down on myself when my house isn’t perfect.  Okay, let’s be honest; it is never perfect.  Having realistic expectations of what you can get done in one day is really important.  I have a short checklist of my absolute musts for maintaining a semi-clean home.  Make your own.  Here is what is important to me by the end of the day:

  • floors clean
  • dishes clean and put away
  • no more than 1-2 loads of dirty laundry
  • bathrooms disinfected
  • kids toys put away
  • house smells great – all day, every day

That isn’t so bad and if all of the above happened before bedtime, I sleep peacefully.  I can almost just settle for clean floors and a great smelling house and be happy.  I’m completely obsessed with candles, diffusers and room sprays BUT I absolutely cannot stand anything overly perfumed or chemical-smelling.  This is why I cannot get enough of Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Mist and use it every day, all over the house.

Back to school season brings about lots of new smells that your lovely kids bring home from school, from fall sports… Neutralize them with Febreze ONE which eliminates odors in the air and on fabrics.  Febreze ONE contains no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes.  It simply leaves behind a light scent that lingers. I’m pretty stuck on the Mandarin scent, which is citrusy and bright – perfect for any room in the house.  Febreze ONE also comes in Orchid and Bamboo.

The unique nozzle is super easy to use and it lets out this fine mist.  Pump it three times and it lets out a short continuous spray, which is great for large spaces.  When you run empty, just purchase Febreze ONE refills and you’re good to go.  Don’t cover up smells, eliminate them with Febreze ONE!

Ready for the new school year?  Wish me luck and I’ll do the same for you!


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