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novica jewelryThere’s still time, but it is running out!  For those people you just can’t seem to find the right gift for, head to Novica.  Novica, in association with National Geographic, brings you fascinating hand-crafted products from all over the globe.  No longer do you have to rely on travels to own these beauties.  Novica offers items from jewelry, apparel, home decor, musical instruments, and more–for the whole family.

When deciding what I would like to experience with my first Novica transaction, I gravitated towards the hand-crafted, stunning jewelry collections.  My eyes fell on a pair of stunning Peridot Studs by Bhavesh, a craftsman in India.  These simple “Lucky Squares” are brilliant, the quality of the peridot is sublime and the simple and sleek design is flawless.  These are a great pair of earrings for every day (and I often find myself wearing them most days).  Peridot is the birthstone of August and said to foster success, good luck, and peace (great gift for the Holidays).  Find other birthstones beauties in Novica’s birthstone collection (hello, Mother’s Day!).  These studs are sterling silver and I wanted more so I headed over to look through the sterling silver jewelry collection.  There is an overwhelming amount of gorgeous items to chose from.  You truly can find whatever it is you are looking for.

What caught my eye next was a sterling silver bracelet with malachite stones.  I am a huge malachite fan–I love the color and that it  is said to bring fidelity in love and friendship.  Well, just so happens this is another creation by Bhavesh.  Since my purchases from the Novica jewelry collection, I have already made other purchases fro Novica home decor maskmyself and others.  The quality is unparalleled.  I continue to be impressed with the quality and clarity of the gemstones, and the quality of craftsmanship.  I am extremely sensitive to metals, but if the sterling silver is pure, it will not irritate my skin, and guess what, neither item bothered me in the least!

I couldn’t leave Novica without finding something Alpaca.  I have a slight love affair with all things Alpaca.  It has to be the softest wool in the world, and I would love to wrap myself completely in it…all day and night.  With the chilly weather outside, I decided on an Alpaca scarf straight from Peru.  The handknit scarf is so lush, I find myself wearing it most days when I step outside.  It isn’t scratchy or stiff like other scarves, and despite its light weight, it is supremely warm! Alpaca scarves are fantastic for the season and check out the gorgeous silk scarves as well from places like Bali, Java, and Thailand.

Looking for some home decor items that will really stand out and add interest to your house?  Novica offers a heart-pounding array of one-of-a-kind treasures from artisans around the world.  I was sucked in by the whimsical masks and quality hand-loomed rugs and vases.   With truly everything you need to fill your home with treasures, Novica even has a huge inventory of paintings from artists across the globe!

Not sure what your loved one would want?  Pick up a couple Novica Gift Cards, the PERFECT last minute gift anyone will treasure!  Order by December 21st for ensured delivery by December 24!!  Just in time.  New customers receive $7 off with the code SAVE7NOVICA — hurry and order now!  Be sure to check out Novica Live where you can host your own parties, become a consultant, and even travel to Bali!

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