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The Game Changer {FHI Heat}

I will forever be the girl who wants to look pretty, but feels clueless on how to make it happen. I’m not by any means shy, I ask stylists and friends tricks of the trade. I search Pinterest endlessly for tutorials and secretly try them all out, usually failing miserably at them. Secretly, this is one reason I’m SUPER happy I have two daughters. Hopefully one day then can help their mom out! Here’s the one tip, this clueless girl will give you though. For all these years, as I’ve been asking questions and watching youtube videos, I’ve always thought that gorgeous hair and style comes from hard work and awesome hair knowledge. What I’ve learned JUST here recently is that I’ve been wrong my entire life. I honestly feel mislead and fooled by every good friend (in fact one of my best friends) that is a hair stylist. It’s not the brush you use, or the styling product, or the way you twist the brush in a certain way. It all starts with the BLOW DRYER. What!?! Seriously though! Had I not seen this and tested it myself, I would never have believed it. I always thought a blow dryer was a blow dryer. This is why, up until now, I always purchased mine at Walgreens. The cheapest one on the shelf that would hopefully fit my old school diffuser was the winner.

The day came when my dryer died here recently. I happen to log onto Facebook and someone makes a comment about being tired of their blowdryer and being ready to up their game in that department. People start commenting about how they did the same and never went back. I got to thinking…could a dryer really make that big of a difference? YES, ABSOLUTELY YES it can!

I would like to introduce you to the FHI Heat EPS Elite Professional Series Black Diamond Ceramic Digital Hair Dryer. My new very best friend and companion that I will never ever travel without. Before trying this item, blow drying my hair straight would take approximately 25 – 30 minutes. My arms would be tired by the end, I would usually have to do it while sitting down, because, well maybe I’m just lazy. But, I would have to randomly dry the whole thing almost completely and then use a round brush near the end in sectioned pieces. This would just make it so that my hair wasn’t completely gigantic. I would have no choice but to use a flat iron at the end, even if just for the top pieces and for around my face. But it would have no curl to it. Stick straight and semi frizzy. All of that in about 30 minutes, give or take. It seriously made me hate getting ready and I would avoid it all costs. Sometimes i would go MONTHS without straightening it, but even doing my hair curly with a diffuser took so much time. I’m talking 20 – 25 with a diffuser and that was still me ending the session with hair still slightly damp. Ugh, I’m exhausted just writing all of this. All this time, I figured that I just was a clueless person with weak arms and that’s why stylists can do my hair better and faster than I could. WRONG!!! It’s the blowdryer, not the arm strength OR the skill level!

FHI Heat

First day with the Black Diamond Ceramic Digital dryer and right off the bat, I notice the really cool digital display. This is the only dryer in the beauty industry that gives you the termperature so you know how hot your hair dryer is! It’s not just high or low like other dryers, it has Digital Temperature Control with five color coded Fan Speed settings and Heat Settings from 99°F to 241°F (37°C to 116°C). This way you get the right setting for your hair type and texture. The dryer is a lightweight AC Motor Professional Hair Dryer, so it’s not a chore to hold it up in the air to dry your hair. Here’s the thing I didn’t know, but thankfully FHI Heat did. This Black Diamond Ceramic dryer dries hair evenly and reduces your drying time by up to 50%!!! It does all of this while increasing the amounts of negative ions to seal in moisture, repel humidity, reduce frizz and eliminate static. It’s exclusive Proprietary Nano-Fuzeion™ Technology, Gentle Far Infrared Heat, and low EMF (Electromagnetic Field) prevents damage to the hair to produce unmatched conditioning and shine.

What does all of that mean? Well for me, it means that I have a nearly 100% dry head of hair in about five minutes. From there I use a rounded brush to lift my roots, straighten it completely and give it the finishing touch. I am completely done with my hair in around 8 minutes. That’s right I said EIGHT minutes! The kicker is that my hair is gorgeous. First day I found myself swinging my head around like I was in a hair commercial all day. That just out of the salon feeling you get, you know the one! My hair was straight, not a single ounce of frizz, ends curled under just enough. I didn’t even have to think about my flat iron. To say I’m shocked is a complete understatement. I feel the need to tell every woman I know that they need this dryer because I’m seriously so mad at all the women who own one up until now and did not share with me this secret. Suddenly I look like the most put together mom in the morning while dropping my kids off at school….and it took less than ten minutes to do! TAKE THAT!!

The LCD display will display the temperature and fan speed setting. Within each fan speed setting there are five different temperature settings. The color of the LCD screen is coded based on the following ranges:
a. Yellow . 99°F to 205°F (37°C to 96°C)
b. Green – 111°F to 212°F (44°C to 100°C)
c. Blue – 108°F to 219°F (42°C to 104°C)
d. Orange – 106°F to 230°F (41°C to 110 °C)
e. Red – 122°F to 241°F (50°C to 116 °C)

FHI Heat

If you ask for anything this holiday season, give yourself a gift that will keep on giving. There’s nothing more precious than feeling good about yourself. Plus being able to do that in a quarter of the time you do now is priceless. Give all the time you’re saving to your kids. Along with your new game changing dryer, you’ll receive a Speed Dry Nozzle, Curl Defining Diffuser (LOVE this for my curly days) and Straightening comb attachments. Plus it automatically comes with a 2 year warranty. You are worth this, trust me. Check out all of FHI Heat’s amazing products and read more about the EPS Elite Professional Series Black Diamond Ceramic Digital Hair Dryer on their site. To purchase their products, head over to Amazon.

special thanks to FHI Heat for truly changing my life with this sample product. All opinions are 100% my own

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