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Galvin & Galvin Delicious Kids Line {Dubble Trubble}

Flash back twenty thirty years when I was regularly creating mud pies and making tree forts, I would’ve easily gone a few days without a bath if my mom let me. The only way she could entice me at that point was with this juicy strawberry scented shampoo. They still make that shampoo these days, but honestly, now that I’m educated on the topic, I know it’s loaded with awful chemicals. Not to mention the fact that other than smelling lovely, it really just dries your hair out. Sad, right? This is why I was pretty excited to hear that Daniel Galving Jr created five 2 in 1 shampoo and body washes as well as a detangling conditioner in a line called Dubble Trubble. The entire range is kid friendly and smells like cherries, bananas, strawberries, watermelon and even cucumbers! Daniel is a British celebrity hair colorist, so he knows the importance of a shampoo that will not strip hair, and the need for one that is organic and safe for sensitive skin. The Dubble Trubble line is completely free of any parabens, SLS, mineral oils and animal ingredients.

“I was always interested in what went in to baby shampoos, so in 2000, after my son was born, I began my research into ingredients in bathroom beauty products. The chemicals in haircare products today can ‘charge–up’ kids the same way sugar and junk foods can and 60% of synthetic ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin, so you can only imagine the harm it causes to children in the long run. Their delicate skins can be stripped of oil and children can often develop asthma or eczema,” explains Daniel Galvin Jr.

Dubble Trubble

We received the Watermelon and Cherry 2 in 1 shampoo & body washes along with the Cool Cucumber Detangling conditioner spray. My daughter has insisted on one of each be in both of our showers so that she has one to use wherever she showers. I kid you not, this girl takes a shower JUST to use these items. On Sunday, we were using the Cherry and she asked me if the smell would last while at church so people would think she smelled yummy! As a mom, I want to ensure that only safe items touch my sensitive girls skin, but I also want to make sure that bath time is fun and not a battle. The Dubble Trubble line has completely made my life easier. I have to admit, I even had to use them myself!

The Dubble Trubble line is completely affordable at just $5.99 a bottle. The Detangling and Conditioning spray is a life saver for me. My six year old wakes up with completely unruly hair. This allows me to brush her hair without the tears. It’s rich in hair strengthening protein, Keravis, certified Organic Aloe Vera and hair moisturizing glycerin. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it gentle on the scalp while helping to prevent ‘combing’ breakage. 

Where can you find the Dubble Trubble line of products you ask? Target! Check them out the next time you’re doing  your regular shopping, or go peak at them on Galvin & Galvin London Kids site.

Dubble Trubbl

special thanks for products provided in order to conduct this review

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  1. EP
    August 15, 2015 at 1:08 pm — Reply

    This product ruined my daughter’s hair.
    I used DG Kids Watermelon Spray on my daughter’s long hair. It is now almost a greasepaint and the hair salon has never seen hair with such sludge and buildup on hair ever! It’s like her hair gas car grease in it and it won’t come out!!! Smells good. That’s as far as it went for us

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