Funky and Functional Bandana Bibs {Funky Giraffe}

bandana bibs funky giraffeLet’s face it. At some point in time, our children need to wear a bib. But no matter how cute the print, they always hide the little outfits we desperately want to show off. It wasn’t until discovering the bandana bib that I began to see bibs in a whole new light; as an accessory! With tons of prints and colors available, Funky Giraffe makes it easy to coordinate your bib with any outfit. In fact, after trying some out you will find yourself needing to have one to match every outfit. These are addictive.

Since this idea is relatively new, and very hot in the baby scene, there are many sellers offering bandana bibs. I took a chance on several listings with no satisfaction until I received a few samples from Funky Giraffe. They are truly made with functionality and comfort in mind. The bib sits just right around your child’s neck, while ensuring comfort and a dry neck and chest. Very. Impressive. Not only do they look simply adorable on, but they are incredibly soft to the touch, smooth against your baby’s sensitive skin.

Prior to Funky Giraffe, my son would pull and tug at his bibs. They were a noticeable extra garment that he didn’t appreciate having on. I’m convinced that because of the lightweight and super soft feel of Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs, he doesn’t even realize he is wearing a bib.  I love them so much that I don’t even use them for feedings. In our house, our bandana bibs are used for catching drool and as a fashion accessory. For the sake of the review, they do hold up well after getting messy and being washed. We just prefer to use the plethora of boring, old-fashioned bibs that we have to get crudded up during feedings.

Funky Giraffe makes their bandana bib in several sizes, and have two settings to grow with your child. The XL bandana bib is the perfect solution for a child with special needs or even for spaghetti night with an older child who would normally refuse to wear a “bib”. I’m all about bringing style into my children’s lives any which way I can, so these bibs were an instant hit in our home. With Funky Giraffe I know I am getting a quality product for a reasonable price, so I will certainly be purchasing many more, for both myself and as gifts this holiday season.

I would like to thank Funky Giraffe for sending samples for review purposes.

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