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I have to be honest, when I was first asked if I wanted to review a jewelry foil art kit, I had no clue what foil art was and clearly no idea what kind of craft kit I would be receiving. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised in so many ways. Not only is foil art fun for everybody and I mean everybody (even our 15 year old niece was enjoying the activity) it was also a wonderfully easy clean up. Who doesn’t love a craft that is mess free?FoilArt

Luckily, it arrived right when we got back from vacation and had our two nieces visiting, so we had a nice age range to test out the Jewelry Foil Art Sticker Kit by Peaceable Kingdom. The girls sat at our kitchen table and crafted jewelry for over an hour. I actually had to put it away in fear that they would use up everything within that sitting.

Here is what you can find included in each kit:

28 sheets of colorful holographic foil

10 bracelets

6 pendants

6 beads (though these look like smaller versions of the pendants with 2 holes one on each end)

16’ of pink cord

To create your very own sparkly jewelry, you start off by choosing either one of the bracelets, pendants or beads that they provide and a sheet of holographic foil. Each jewelry item is of a different design and depending on how creative the individual is; you can either peel up all or each separate yellowish-white sections on the jewelry. Once pealed, this reveals a sticky background where you then lay the foil (color side up) and then press and rub with your finger. Next, you slowly peel back the foil. Viola! It leaves behind the colorful sparkly foil.


It was really cool to see how each girl did this differently. My daughter who is almost 5 needed help at first when it came to peeling the sticker part up and a little guidance when it came to design. Once she got the hang of it she was off on her own. Our 15 year old niece was the most creative when it came to choosing colors and picking patterns. I even enjoyed taking part in this craft and it was lots of fun to help out.

I realized while watching the girls that this is a fantastic craft. I love that there was no mess, that it was simple to do and that it easily entertained and kept the kids busy for a long time. Much better than a craft that has a million pieces and is difficult to put together or one that I am actually doing and not my child. It truly is the perfect gift for any girl and would satisfy a wide age range. I will definitely be purchasing this as a gift in the future.

Peaceable Kingdom has a variety of fun sticker kits, card and board games. They have truly become one of my favorite companies and I have yet to be disappointed. They even have a foil sticker kit that would be fun for both boys and girls. If you are looking for something on a smaller scale Peaceable Kingdom also offers foil art sticker packs. These would be perfect for travel and/or while at a restaurant.

This is by far one of my favorite crafts to do with my daughter! You’ll can purchase the Foil Art Jewelry Sticker Kit for $14.99 on Amazon (available soon) or contact your local specialty toy shop for availability. Be sure to check out Peaceable Kingdom’s site to see all their wonderful products.

Special thanks to Peaceable Kingdom for providing a sample to facilitate this review.

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