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Flexibath with Infant Support {Prince Lionheart} + Giveaway

Flexibath with Infant Support

You might remember our previous review on the FlexiBATH a couple months ago. Well they’ve added an amazing new feature to the FlexiBath, an Infant Support! This support ensures maximum comfort and safety, while allowing complete freedom of movement for the baby. Inspired by the gentle curves of a mother’s womb, or supportive arm, the Flexibath support is designed to fit the natural shape of your baby’s body, and has no awkward wedge between their legs or underarm holders. It hooks securely on the edge of the bath and actually locks into place, which gives you complete peace of mind. You’ll also be happy to know that it contains no phthalates, BPA or any other harmful materials. It’s geared towards babies 0 – 6 months or a maximum of 17 lbs. I love the tiny hole in the bottom of the support so that you never have standing water in the tub once you’ve drained the tub.

To remind you of some of the great features of the FlexiBATH, it folds completely flat and opens by simply releasing the hook. It’s super easy to clean and the drain plug on the bottom helps you easily dispose of Flexibathdirty water. Intended for ages 0 – 4 years, you’ll get a lot of use out of this. This is by far the easiest tub to travel with. We head up to the mountains regularly and this tub allowed us to bathe our daughter safely versus using the giant whirlpool tub. You don’t have to kill your back by trying to tip over the tub, simply drain the tub on the bottom and it’s as easy as that!

So what do you do with the FlexiBATH once your child has outgrown a smaller tub? well once they’re a little older, they get into new things. My daughter is completely into pedicures. I used to own a pedicure foot spa. It was huge, awkward and extremely hard to clean. I finally ended up throwing it away simply because it of it being a space hog and I refused to use it due to all the annoyances it gave me. Well, NOW you can use your FlexiBATH as your new pedicure spa at home. Easy to use, easy to clean and folds completely flat. It’s perfect!! I love when items aren’t outgrown and can be reused for new purposes.

Head over to Prince Lionheart and purchase your own FlexiBATH, hardest decision will be choosing your favorite color! We also have one FlexiBATH with Infant Support to giveaway to a lucky reader. Enter below!

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Special thanks for product provided to facilitate this review.

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