iPhone Drool and Drop Protection {Fisher-Price Apptivity}

iphone toddler protector

I suppose it was destined to be the natural progression of the iPod–to become a child’s toy.  With so many IOS devices at our fingertips (and rarely ever leaving them) our children have latched onto the iconic products as well.  My 5 year old knows her way around the iTouch and iPad better than a good amount of adults (sometimes including myself).

These days moms and dads everywhere are time-sharing their iPhones with their little ones–either to pacify or educate, usually both.  I have been blown away by the wealth of educational childrens apps available.  Equally as blown away, I have watched my daughter master key skills like telling time, basic math, even writing and reading while on an iProduct.  But the one day she had her personal iTouch out by the pool, playing what seemed to be a game of hot potato over the unforgiving concrete below, shattered our blissful Apple existence.   One spider-webbed screen later and I was taking much more caution.

Babies as young as six months can benefit truly from age appropriate apps, and why should we deny them?  A few reasons come to mind: immature, jerky motor skills, uncontrollable drool, hefty repair price tags…  Fisher-Price heard our cries, creating the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for your iPhone or iTouch.  This little beauty is a simple contraption that allows baby’s sticky fingers to cruise around your pristine iPhone.  Not only is the screen protected, but there is a bumper of sorts surrounding in case of drops.  For added baby bonus, the textured, easy to hold Apptivity Case has four playful rattle rings and a crisp mirror on the back.  Perhaps the only thing babies like more than a good app is a mirror.  No batteries required, just an iPhone and a few choice apps.

The Laugh & Learn protective case disables the use of the home button so baby cannot wander into your contacts to make unwanted outgoing calls.  This is key, folks.  Wherever you want them to be is where they will stay, rest assured.  I find this product to be especially helpful while on the go, particularly in places where you would like your baby/toddler to remain quiet and calm (i.e. airplanes, restaurants, the DMV).  Not only can they benefit from educational app activities, but the case in general is attractive and stimulating to them.

The Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case is compatible with iPhone 1G, 3G & 3GS, 4 and iPod Touch 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen.  Download 3 free Fisher-Price learning apps available in the iTunes store.  Purchase your own from Fisher-Price.  Ages 6-36 months.

Product was provided by Fisher-Price to facilitate this review.

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