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finding balance + 5 minute makeup essentials

This new year I have been thinking a lot about balance. It can be so hard to be an awesome mom and still make yourself a priority. There was definitely a few years that I put myself dead last and instead of Sarah, I was just mom. I think it is a very dangerous path to head down, losing yourself in a role like that, and so I made a point last year to pay attention to myself. I refocused on my health – physical, emotional and spiritual – which gave me back SO much joy (in turn making me a better mom). One thing I did: I gave myself permission to spend time getting pretty in the morning, every morning, even if only for 5 minutes, even if on our adventures.

I’ve never been a person that needs to wear a lot of makeup. I’m definitely a “no makeup but actually wearing makeup look” type of gal. My goals are even skin, enhanced eyes, a swipe of life in my cheeks and hydrated lips… nothing more for my every day look. I also have sensitive dry skin so I think less is more is best for my complexion… and I definitely need to choose my products wisely. I’m 100%  l.o.v.i.n.g Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Cosmetics that I just picked up at Walmart last week.  Like for real, loving.

Like I mentioned, even skin is really my #1 goal so finding the right foundation and concealer is key. I despise heavy, thick foundations but I also want good coverage so Neutrogena ® Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint was seriously a Godsend! This hydrating tint plumps skin and boosts hydration while providing natural-looking, even coverage. It’s really great for blending away dark circles and blemishes without getting too heavy.  Now that I’m the ripe old age of 32, I care about finding a base that doesn’t settle into fine lines and this one definitely doesn’t.

As a mom of a tween and a pre-K boy, I need concealer. Feel me? I want full/natural-looking coverage when it comes to concealer and Neutrogena ® Hydro Boost Concealer is it! It isn’t greasy or cakey; it glides on smooth and covers well without getting weird.

The cold, dry weather of a desert winter can be really harsh on your skin, especially when it comes to lips. Drying lipsticks are the last thing I want to bother with when I’m fighting chapped lips as is, so I look for hydrating shines like Neutrogena ® Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine. These tint the lips and last (!), give a beautiful shine, all while hydrating lips for the day. I tried two shades: Soft Blush and Deep Cherry and they are gorgeous. I loved them so much, I went back to Walmart and purchased more for my daughter!

Another things to note about me is I’m really an outdoorsy type of gal, but I still do a 5 minute makeup routine on our adventures. This winter we have been spending a lot of time in Joshua Tree – hiking, camping, climbing and stargazing. I feel so blessed to live so close to this amazing National Park, so I try to visit often. I don’t know if I’ll call Palm Springs home forever, so I’ve got to make the most of it now!  I mean, check out this sunset we watched this week…

Well now I’m off on a tangent, but my point is, in any situation, at home with the kids or off in nature, there’s always time for a 5 minute makeup routine! Setting aside a few minutes in the morning to remind yourself you are important is always a great idea. Keep it simple with lightweight foundation, a concealer for overtired eyes and a lip shine. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Treat your stressed out winter skin with Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Cosmetics found at Walmart in the beauty section. You’ll see a nice selection of shades for all skin types. I’ll definitely be back next week to see if they’ve stocked more of the lip shines – I want them all!


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