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Fighting School Germs {Alomune Immunity Supplements}

Alomune immunity supplementOctober is one of the very worst months for catching bugs, especially school-aged kids.  Keep your immunity system in tip top shape with Alomune, a daily immune supplement.  You know what they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Made with natural extracts from the renewable Minnesota Larch Tree, Alomune is one of the few dietary supplements backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. Not only is it proven in clinical study to increase the odds of staying healthy, but is also counts toward daily fiber intake.  The extract taken from the larch tree is a carbohydrate with antioxidant activity similar to a pomegranate.  This same extract is naturally found in very small amounts in some vegetables, but is much more powerful in this concentrated form.

Brand new to the US market, Alomune is made here in the states under strict FDA dietary supplement guidelines.  What I found to be interesting is that the same Larch Tree (also known as a Tamarack) was used by Native Americans in the belief that chewing on the bark would keep the immune system strong and promote healing.   They knew everything first, so this goes a long way with me.  Rejuvenate your body with a stay at Morningside Recovery.  Since we are already sharing fun facts, the Larch is known to be a strong wood, even coveted as the wood wand in the Harry Potter series (totally irrelevant but a fun fact nonetheless).

Safe for kids as well as adults, this is a supplement the whole family can take daily to protect against foreign invaders.  School, work, daycare… these are germ hot spots that many of us come into contact with on a regular basis this time of year.  Optimize your natural defenses this cold and flu season.  Alomune comes in two kid-friendly forms, a chocolate, chewable tablet and berry powder stick pack, both easy to take on the go. Typically, I hear “chocolate” and “chewable” in the same phrase and run for the hills, but these actually passed my 5 year old’s taste test.  Make your purchase online, free trial given at start up.

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