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fast food messes and high velocity tangles {bath}

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Boys and messes.  Yin and Yang.

Yesternight, we had a super yummy SoCal dinner by a little known place called In-N-Out.  Okay, it is a widely known, cult classic California fast food spot.  Every out-of-town guest we host from back East definitely has to go to this burger and fries spot, and this week, we had a very special guest from PA.  I think she was impressed with all our gorgeous desert has to offer. My son, however, is not a fan of meats in general, burgers are definitely a no-go, but he can house some fries and he has a special love of dipping things… enter a love for ketchup.

in n out burger kids #johnsonspartners #somuchmore

So, I slowly died while I watched Gabriel in this paper hat.  I mean… come on.  So cute, right?!  …and this is what toddlers do, be completely adorable and then terrorize you with their messiness.  Before I get to the ketchup madness, let’s just keep admiring his adorable burger hat night.

in n out burger kid #somuchmore #johnsonspartners

#johnsonspartners #somuchmore

in n out baby #johnsonspartners

Okay, so when he took the paper hat off, we kept eating and then, I looked over and saw the ketchup in his hair.  This kid is a pretty messy eater.  There comes a time when you just have to let your kids be autonomous as they need to be independent and eat for themselves.  Here’s the thing though, Gabriel loves to eat with his hands, and when you are not looking he will throw all utensils and use his hands.  Give him fries and ketchup?  Free for all!!!

To me, “dinner” means it’s almost “bath time”… they just go together.

#johnsonspartners #somuchmore

I bring out the big guns on these nights with JOHNSON’S® shampoo & conditioner and JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® line.  These products gently unlock knotted toddler hair and nourish the strands with hydration. My daughter with the long spiral curl hair has confiscated some of these products and they work unbelievably well for her.  I was skeptical as these are “baby” products, but they handle her tween curls (that turn into dreadlocks overnight) quite well!

#johnsonspartners #somuchmore

We are sort of growing out Gabriel’s hair, mostly to just see if it will be curly like his sister’s.  That has created a bit of an awkward hairstyle for Gabriel… sorry Gabe.  It also has allowed him to create bigger hair messes at dinner (and breakfast and lunch) that needs to be washed out.  I don’t know why, but he feels the need to rub his food-covered hands through his hair.

#johnsonspartners #somuchmore


JOHNSON’S® shampoo & conditioner is available in two varieties: thin/straight hair or curly/thick hair.  I use the thin/straight for Gabriel and his curly sister uses the other.  Both get the JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® line to replenish moisture and make hair, toddler and tween easier to comb.  How do you handle toddler hair?

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