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Faraway Foldout Tote {Petunia Pickle Bottom}

Faraway Foldout ToteDo you ever feel like the crazy bag lady/man walking into stores to shop because you have a mangled mess of bags with you? If you think you’re being smart by putting them into your cart, you will likely be taking up three quarters of the empty space with your disheveled mess. I love being green, but sometimes they don’t make it very easy. Well, most don’t, but Petunia Pickle Bottom does! First of all, just tell me one person that doesn’t love PPB’s fabrics and ingenious designs. I dare you! So here I am, green shopper and all, trying to see what makes their Faraway Fold Out Tote different from all the others.

I’ve seen a lot of adorable shopping cart covers and totes that claim to fold up into this adorable little package so that it takes up the least amount of space and can easily be placed into a purse/diaper bag. My problem up until now is that once I unzip, unbutton or un-whatever it takes to unfold the adorable little accessory it is I’m trying to use, it NEVER ever goes back into it’s original packaging. I’ve even tried laying these items out mimic the fold lines so that could try and get it back. It never ever ever happens. I always end up with a bunched up shopping cart cover or shopping bag in the back of my car/cart that annoys me. The Faraway Fold Out Tote is completely dummy proof. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it was and even took my first photo of it before I even opened it because I was afraid I’d never get it back into it’s adorable clutch look. So I opened the tote and I admit I had a slight anxiety over it never going back into the adorable shape again. I quickly tried to put it back in and IT WENT! Oh my gosh, it folded back into the shape easily in SECONDS!! THANK YOU PPB!!! This is sooo functional. Ok so now that I explained all of my woes of how these foldout items never worked until now. Let me tell you about this Tote already!

Faraway Tote

The Faraway Foldout Tote is available in four gorgeous Petunia Pickle Bottom patterns. The outside shell, which makes the clutch has a thicker material on it, while the tote shell has lightweight and water-resistant polyester fabric, because let’s admit it, who knows what this bag may come in contact with in our diaper bags! When in the clutch mode, it has an adorable wristlet strap and when folded out, it has webbed shoulder straps to make even the heavies items easy to carry. Since this tote is able to so easily become a compact clutch, it makes it the perfect item to travel with. Not only to the store, but on vacations or even to the beach. I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell you how many times I go on vacation, only to return with more than I left with. There isn’t anything more annoying than being on a trip and having no go-to bag to carry your items. Whether it’s laundry, dry cleaning, groceries, fun keepsakes or even to carry your books and towel down to the beach, this tote will be your brand new best friend. At $44, this is a perfect stocking stuffer to add to your wish list. Your only job is to try and figure out with fabric you like the most!

Head over to Petunia Pickle Bottom to see all of their adorable totes and other coordinating items. I have yet to be disappointed in PPB. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay In The Know on all their new items, sales and giveaways! Well done on this tote, PPB, well done!

faraway tote

special thanks to Petunia Pickle Bottom for the amazing sample tote in order to conduct this review

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