family nighttime routine essentials for fall

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October is finally here. I have been anticipating this moment all summer because Palm Springs heat is no joke. With the cooler temperatures starting to arrive, I’m already all in. I’ve got the Halloween decorations up, the pumpkin pies prepped and many harvest festivities planned. With the days growing shorter, we’ve also shifted our nighttime routine and added in some seasonal fun.

family nighttime routine essentials for fall

evening bike rides

Besides my 11 year old’s, our bikes gather dust in the summertime, so this may be a location thing, but when the weather cools, we love to take early evening walks and bike rides as a family. Getting the family active together a few hours before bedtime is a great way to exert any remaining energy from the day.

seasonal books

For one, Halloween/autumn themes books are an absolute must for fall bedtimes. Of course, dinosaurs and ninjas stay in the rotation, but I always change up our bedtime books with the seasons and holidays. It is something small to keep the festive feeling coursing through every night.

seasonal pajamas

We change up our pajamas about as much as our books. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved buying pajamas and so they usually have a ridiculous amount. There’s just something so cute about a new set of seasonal pajamas. There are certainly plenty of Halloween options around, but there’s also autumn themed jams like woodland creatures, apple orchards, fall leaves, seasonal colors etc.

seasonal movie nights

Movie nights are one of our favorite ways to spend the evening together, especially during the holidays. With so many great Halloween movies airing this month, there should be no shortage of choices for your family! Take advantage of nights where everyone is home early enough to curl up with a mug of tea and watch something spooky.

light the fire

Whether it is inside or out, nothing says cooler nights like lighting a fire. It really warms the soul and if you’re gathered around one on your back patio, take the opportunity to tell a few spooky stories. This is my daughter’s specialty and we always have a lot of fun with it!

Sweet Sleepytime Tea

A nightly ritual here is family tea, sweetened to perfection. I prefer chamomile or Sleepytime to help lull us all down to dreamtown. You can use whatever sweetener you like – honey is great but since we are vegan, I prefer raw coconut nectar. It’s SO good in warm beverages.

What are your favorite tea brands? We love Celestial Seasonings tea, which was founded more than 40 years ago with one goal: to provide delicious, high quality teas that are good for their customers and good for the world. While we all love their many flavors, this brand is also a leader in sustainability.

While we love Sleepytime year round, two fall favorites this year are: Honey Vanilla Chamomile and Vermont Maple Ginger. Find these three and many more at Walmart in the tea aisle. Certain flavors just enhance the changing leaves, the crisper air and the grey skies… these teas are it! Cozy up with a mug of Celestial Seasonings and a good book for a perfect moment of peace this fall. Or, enjoy the teas together with your family at bedtime like we do.

As the fall days tick by, I cannot wait to share our adventures with you guys: hiking through fallen leaves, pumpkin patch festivals, Halloween at the theme parks and simple/magical autumn nights at home. Magic is the word for this time of year, right? It is such a big transition from the hot, lazy days of summer to changing leaves and crisp breezes.

Stock up now on Celestial Teas at Walmart, where you can always count on getting the best price point guaranteed. The teas are also available for online grocery pick-up — which is really handy during this eventful time of year. Who has time to grocery shop anymore?

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