fairy godmother pretzel wands and fairy dust {Descendants}

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My daughter literally counted down the days to the Descendants TV premiere.  It was a huge deal for her and, I have to say, the movie ended up being really awesome.  We had a great time watching it together and I knew I wanted to have a rewatch party ASAP with her and some special treats!

fairy wand pretzel rods #VillainDescendants

Making movie night special is very simple with kids… they are easy to please!  When thinking about a fun snack to make and a fun craft to do, my mind kept going back to the Fairy Godmother.  Her wand is a very important part of the Descendants storyline.  While I was at Walmart picking up the new Descendants DVD  and soundtrack, I also gathered supplies, including something salty, something sweet and a lot of glitter.

fairy godmother magic wand snack diy kids #VillainDescendants

Let’s start with the snack!  The Fairy Godmother’s signature color is blue, so when I thought about making a “wand” I knew I needed blue frosting.  Savannah and I simply took pretzel rods, dipped them in slightly warmed blue frosting, coated in edible glitter and ta-da!  I mean, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

fairy wand pretzels - Disney snacks #VillainDescendants

These easy magic wands are perfect for movie nights – sweet and salty, they are winners!  Feel free to mix it up and use other colors.  My daughter wants to make neon green ones next after her favorite villian, Maleficent.  Brill!  Of course, daughter Mal is her favorite character.  I searched three local Walmarts but could not find the Mal (or Evie) doll for the life of me!  Clearly, she isn’t the only kid to love Mal!

fairy wand pretzels

  • pretzel rods
  • icing, in a cup, warmed
  • edible glitter
  1. Dip one end of the pretzel rod into the warmed icing, two or three times.
  2. Sprinkle with edible glitter.

Before we started the movie, we played the soundtrack, which Savannah has mostly memorized at this point.  She also knows a lot of the choreography (thanks to YouTube) so she put on quite the show!  Then we sat down to make fairy dust that would no doubt be nothing short of magical.  Keeping with the Fairy Godmother theme, we used blue glitter.  I wasn’t sure what the filler should be and I tried flour first, but the texture wasn’t right.  I found powdered milk worked the best out of my pantry.

diy fairy dust #VillainDescendants

You could mix up this fairy dust with whatever you have lying around.  I like to keep it edible since, ya know, kids.  My daughter and I were sprinkling it on each other, pretending to fly, and of course the toddler boy was sparkling bright by the end of the night.  I can’t say the husband will be happy with the mess when he gets home though… oops!

diy edible fairy dust #VillainDescendants

edible fairy dust

  • 1 part edible fine glitter
  • 1 part powdered milk

Have you seen Descendants?  Which villain/descendant is your favorite?  While Ursula will always be my all-time favorite Disney villain, Maleficent is a close second – and Mal?  Such a great character! While we both love Evie as well, my daughter and I definitely agree on this favorite!


Find the Descendants DVD and soundtrack at Walmart in the electronics section!


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  1. August 17, 2015 at 9:49 am — Reply

    This is SO COOL! I love the edible glitter dust. I’m a fan of Ursula too, but I really wish they would make a movie for her like they did for Maleficent. I need to know why she lived in the castle and then was banished! I NEED to know! I have a secret conspiracy that she’s Ariel’s mother and she did something to make King Triton angry and she got booted. NEXT! Anyway, Delish pretzels! Delish AND gorgeous. #client

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