essential tools for cleaning up after pets

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May is National Pet Month and also the month that pets start to shed so much, right? This warmer weather is keeping my cats indoors and their hair (and stank) is everywhere! While pets always add a certain amount of extra work, I try not to sweat my pet. With the right tools and products, you can cohabitate with all of your pets in peace.

essential tools for cleaning up after pets

litterbox mat and brush

Keeping the litter area clean is essential. If you have cats who like to flick litter out of the box and track it everywhere, you need a great litterbox mat that catches little bits of litter. Keep a little brush/pan nearby to sweep up any stray litter from time to time. I also like to keep an air spray near the litterbox (see below).

lint roller

Hair, hair everywhere! A vacuum cleaner with a good pet hair attachment is great, but usually not perfect. A simple lint roller is often more efficient so keep one handy for those heavily trafficked soft spots.

deshedder tool

Stop the shedding at the beginning by removing as much of the extra fur as you can, straight off the source. This time of year, I try to use the tool on both of my cats every day, whenever  happen to have the time.

a robot vacuum

I always joke that our robot vacuum is my favorite child. If you have pets (or children) a robot vacuum is a great investment in your home and personal sanity. These are great for picking up stray litter, food and pet hair.

Febreze Air Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator

For spaces your pets frequent like the litter box space, living room, etc, a refreshing air spray is essential. Make sure to choose a pet friendly spray like Febreze Air Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator that eliminates pet odors in the air and leaves behind a fresh scent, no heavy perfumes.

Febreze Fabric Pet Odor Eliminator

Couches, beds and carpets that your pets love to nap on can often smell stale and stinky. Some of these areas can not even be washed and this is why you need a fabric spray. I use this pet-friendly Febreze Fabric Pet Odor Eliminator spray all over my house and I absolutely love the scent left behind.

No matter if you’ve just adopted your first pet or have a senior citizen pet in your family, there’s no reason to sweat your pet! Enjoy those little furballs and everything that comes along with them by being informed and prepared for the mess. They are certainly worth the extra effort! How will you celebrate your pets during National Pet Month?

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