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eQua yoga HOT hand towel {Manduka} + Giveaway

Getting sweaty is part of the game when we’re serious about our workouts. But you don’t need to walk around like you just stepped out of a sauna. Instead grab the eQua HOT, the hand towel that’s soft, lightweight, and made to tackle your sweatiest workout sessions. Hot_Towel_Hand_Glow_In_Packaging_Angled

Manduka’s eQua HOT hand towel is made with yogis in mind. You really need a towel when practicing yoga. It provides a slip resistant surface, acts as a pillow, and is handy when you need to wipe up any extra glisten. It gets a little hot moving between chaturanga and downward dog and as a result our palms, along with the rest of our body, can get a little sweaty. For a typical yoga session I like to lay the towel across the front of my mat, that way it’s easy to access if I need to wipe away any sweat or don’t want to lay my bare face on the gym mat (gross). And the eQua HOT hand towel actually gets grippy when damp, which is a definite bonus when you’re fighting for balance. But you don’t have to sweat all over the place just to get the grip, just spray it with a little bit of water. And speaking of grip, the towel does a great job at staying in place on a mat, it doesn’t move around like a normal hand towel would.


But the eQua HOT isn’t just for yoga. I received my towel in Glow, a great lemon-yellow color that’s perfect for the season. I equally enjoy pumping iron and squeezing in a good cardio session and this towel is great for toting around the gym. The size is perfect, 16″ x 26.5″, and it’s super absorbent, thanks to the double knit microfiber. When I’m doing resistance training routine it acts as my protective barrier against the sticky/sweaty weight machine seats (double gross). Both sides of the towel are identical, but Manduka’s label lets you know which side is which. It wraps around the edge and has the frog logo on one side and the washing instructions on the other. This is useful because I always know which side to lay against the surface.


I honestly can’t think of and cons with the hand towel. It’s obvious it will last for a very long time and doesn’t even compare to any other towel I’ve come across. And for only $24 you really can’t get a better deal.

Training, Running, Cycling, Yoga-ing, this towel will keep you dry on your sweatiest days. The eQua HOT comes in 5 colors and available through Manduka’s website. Looking for a challenge? Take photo of yourself in your favorite yoga pose outside and tag #NOWisWOW on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win a full line of Manduka gear!

Now who wants to win their own eQua hand towel in Shade?

Product was provided to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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