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an elf who leaves the shelf {Elf Magic}

Whew, one more holiday down — onward to Christmas!  Every kid needs a magical elf to visit for the month of December.  New Elves have come to our home from Elf Magic, a more kid-friendly take on the visiting elf from last year.  These are not meant to be behavior modifiers and they won’t lose their magic when your child touches them.  It all begins with a letter to Santa and ends with a season full of Elf cuddling and magical moments.

Elf Magic review in_the_know_mom

Previous to Elf Magic, we had the kind that stayed on the shelf and we told our daughter if she touched him he would lose his magic, per instructions.  He had a creepy face and was sent to our home to encourage her to behave (basically, tattle on her to Santa).  My daughter was very weary of him from the moment he arrived. One evening she ran into my bedroom around midnight crying hysterically because she was convinced the elf was watching her sleep.  So, the elf left his shelf and went back to the North Pole — way before Christmas arrived.

I knew we needed to make our elf visitor a more pleasant experience, so when I saw the adorable Elf Magic Elves, I couldn’t wait to tell my daughter.  Elf Magic is a different kind of Christmas tradition, and has been around since 1956.  The Elves have friendly faces and soft, cuddly bodies.  They are sent to your children to build the Christmas spirit and form a bond with hands-on play.  No tattling to Santa.  No creepy face.

First, your child writes a letter to Santa requesting an Elf to come stay with her for the holiday season.  The Elf arrives sometime after Thanksgiving and it is up to you just how.  I decided it would be fun if our Elves, a girl for my daughter and a boy for my son, arrived at the front door.  So I took the Elves and placed them out front.  Then I rang the doorbell and quickly came back inside.  When my daughter came out to see who was at the door, I opened it up and there were the Elf Magic Elves!  She was thrilled.

Elf Magic review in_the_know_mom

hugs for the sweet-looking Elf Magic Elf…

Elf Magic review in_the_know_mom

Unlike her previous elf, Magic Elf likes to be played with so she went and scooped both up and brought them inside.  Then we read the elf care instructions written by Santa.  Savannah was all ears as she learned how to treat her elf, Colleen.  At night, we leave out crackers and ice water to remind her of the North Pole – crunchy snow and melted snowflakes.  Speaking of snowflakes, Magic Elf comes with magic North Pole Snowflakes, which are to be sprinkled onto the elves at night, allowing them to come to life while the family sleeps. This nightly routine really builds the bond between your kiddo and her Elf.

elf magic review in_the_know_mom

During the night, the Magic Elf goes on Elfcapades which can range from troublesome to helpful, up to you.  I have so many adventure ideas for the month and am excited there are two elves in the house.  There are so many more possibilities with two!! I’ll be sure to share our favorite Elfcapades on my Instagram so be sure to follow!

The fun isn’t just at night though.  Magic Elf likes to be carried around during the day, so encourage your kids to take them to school, church, on errands, wherever they go, to keep them in the Christmas spirit all day long!

Gabriel, 10 months, loves his Elf as well, named Riley.  This is Gabriel’s first Christmas (on the outside) so this Elf is super special.  It is really his first Christmas anything! *tear*

elf magic in_the_know_mom

During this little shoot my kids got all cute… the kind of cute that has to go black and white and be festively collaged.  I just love how sweet and caring big sister, Savannah is!  Best Christmas ever.

elf magic review in_the_know_mom

Christmas Eve, when Santa is dropping toys off, he will pick up the Elves and return them to the North Pole.  Traditions like Magic Elf are what kids will remember most.  They will forget which toys they received on what Christmas, but they will always treasure family traditions and continue them with their own children.

You can choose from a variety of hair and skin color combinations (blonde, brunette, black or red hair; medium or light skin; male or female). There are also really adorable accessories, including Hanukkah Helpers for all my Jewish readers!  Purchase Elf Magic online.  Black Friday – Cyber Monday special:  BOGO!! Buy one Elf and get one free!! Use the promo code: PASSPORT and enter In The Know Mom when it asks how you found Elf Magic (pretty please!).

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Product was provided by Elf Magic to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.


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    I like the idea behind these elves better. we already have so many elves around here, lol. too bad you can’t do a hair color combo with the promotion though. still a good deal.

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