10 educational, math-focused family games: Christmas gifts

This year in the Husvar Homeschool, we have focused a lot on “game schooling”. There are so many different ways to learn/teach and what could be more fun than learning with games? Games are also wonderful for families like us who like to travel and/or spend time off the grid. There are SO many math-focused options available, but here is a list of our family’s favorites, all we have tested out over and over and OVER again!!


Check the Oven (Ages 7+)  This hysterical card game requires two things to win: sets equaling 12 and a great poker face. Kids will love the bluffing aspect to this game, so much so that I guarantee lots of roaring laughter. Bonus, kids sharpen their basic addition skills while having fun.

Kanoodle (Ages 7+)  This 2D/3D puzzle game comes with 200 logical thinking puzzles. It is great for enhancing problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic thinking skills. Travel games are my favorite stocking stuffers and Kanoodle is so popular with my kids, I had to buy a second!

Tiny Polka Dot (Ages 3-8+) Younger kids will love Tiny Polka Dot, a card set containing 16 easy-to-learn games that playfully teach math.

Rummikub on the go (Ages 8+) Rummikub is a classic favorite from my childhood and this travel version is something I always bring on trips. It’s just another great reinforcer of math skills as you create sets and runs!

Tangoes (Ages 7+) Here’s a game that can be played with either one player or two. I love games that can be played alone since sometimes everyone else is busy. It is a geometric puzzle type of game and it really gives your brain a workout! It comes in a compact travel case so it’s great for on-the-go.

Sum Swamp (Ages 5+) Sum Swamp is by far one of the best board games for basic math drills through fun game play. Each roll of the dice creates an addition or subtraction equation for kids to solve as they advance across the board. This game sure beats worksheet drills!

Sums in Space (Ages 5+) If your kids prefer space to the swamp, then this version of Sum Swap is for your family! Kids can compete or work together in this addition/subtraction fact building game.

Money Bags (Ages 7+) This board game builds valuable money skills as kids collect, count and exchange coins and bills. It has a slow pace, great for kids just learning coin values and how to count them.

Clumsy Thief (Ages 8+) Another money skill building game, Clumsy Thief moves a bit faster. Cards are money stacks and the goal is to form stacks of $100, watch out for the thieves though! There is also a Junior Version.

Time Game (Ages 5+) There are many different ways to play this game and all are very efficient in teaching kids how to tell time. The game includes both analog and digital forms of time, builds skills for both reading and writing time as well as more skills like memory, sequencing and problem solving. It is an incredible tool for teaching time!

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