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desperately seeking smoothing {Eco Lips}

eco lipsThere is something I need to get off my chest.  I have an addiction that I have yearned to satisfy since as far back as elementary school.   For as long as I can remember, I have spent hard earned babysitting, ice cream scooping, waitressing, and nowadays, career money in search of the perfect lip balm. Think about it – your lips frame your smile.  They are like the red curtain before the big event.  If they don’t feel good and look good, it puts a damper on your whole appearance and mood.  Dry, chapped lips are such an uncomfortable distraction; I’d do just about anything to avoid their plague!  I think Eco Lips just may be my solution.

I’m not asking for much: clean, organic ingredients (no chemicals), pleasant smell, smooth, supple texture – that stays put!  The last one is harder to find than you might think.  I have spent as much as twenty dollars on a tube of beautifully packaged high-end lip salve that makes lots of promises, but ends up disappearing after five minutes– ugh!  Let’s just say with Eco Lips longevity is not much of an issue; reapplication is minimal compared with many other brands I have tried.  I apply once in the morning, after meals, before bed, and I am set.  Their balms meet all of my criteria.  They are made in a USDA Certified Organic Plant that practices sustainability and they offer tons of varieties at reasonable prices!

Not only does Eco Lips offer enticing and soothing  blends in their own brand, but they have also partnered with other companies to make unique and yummy assortments for every taste.  There is the Dragoba Chocolate line, with scents so alluring they bring me back to my grade school days of eating sniffing my Lipsmackers, only all grown up.  Despite the lovely aroma, they are taste free so your kids (or you) will be less inspired to chomp on them.  Then there is the children’s line, co-branded with Honest Teas (sans caffeine).  My daughters love the flavors: grape, tropical , and berry lemonade.  My girls feel so grown up using their own lip balm and they are made of 100% edible ingredients just in case!  Eco Tints are subtly tinted balms that supply just the right amount of hue without drying your lips out.  I do not often wear lipstick these days and when I first tried out the sheer deep red shade.  My daughters both, separately told me that I looked extra pretty.  Eco Tints = Ego Boost!

Eco Lips are not just environmentalists, their endeavors are altruistic as well.  Cause Balms help raise money and awareness for non-profit organizations by donating a dollar to a foundation when you purchase a balm designed with their logo.  Causes include the Beast Cancer Society, Vitamin Angels, World Wide Village (for Haiti), Girls on the Run, and more.  They don’t stop there; their One World lip balms utilize Fair Trade Certified Cocoa butter, organic ingredients,  and oils imported from exotic locales.  Scrumptious flavors include Orange Spice, Coconut Ginger, and Lavender Lemon.  So many to choose from–which one(s) are just right for your luscious lips?


Eco Lips is offering our readers a discount: 50% Savings!

Just enter the coupon code “KNOWMOM11” at checkout on their website!  Offer valid until October 9, 2011.

 Special thanks to Eco Lips  for providing samples for review purposes.

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