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As my kids grow older, the magnitude of special moments and priceless memories only increases.  Every year is more packed than the last as we explore, adventure and the kids take on new activities.  Since my husband and I are both professional photographers, we always have the camera ready, flooding hard drives with thousands of images.  As much as I love sharing our family photos on social media, there is something so special about having them printed in a photo book though.  My kids both love to look through them.

Just this past month, so many memories were made.  Savannah had her first cheerleading performance, in which they won first place for school spirit!

And, we went to Disneyland to celebrate the season at Mickey’s Halloween Party….

Then of course, there was Halloween.

The memories just don’t stop coming and they happen so fast.  I feel like I blinked and this year is nearly over.  For many years, I have been relying on Shutterfly hardcover photo books to save these memories.  After many crashed computers and lost images, I feel much more comfortable with a stack of photo books on my shelf or coffee table. Currently save 50% off hard cover photo books by using the code SHAREIT

When life is so busy, things like creating photo books can fall by the wayside.  I’m definitely guilty of this and so I’m beyond thrilled to use the Make My Book Service, which provides an easy way for busy moms to get professional looking photo books for their photos – without spending time agonizing over the design and layouts.  Simply upload all of the photos you’d like to see in a photo book and let a professional organize them in beautiful layouts.  You’ll be notified when your book is ready and then you will be able to view it – even make changes if you want!  Order and you’re done.

Need personalized, thoughtful gifts for family members, but no time to create them?  The Shutterfly Make My Book Service is for you then.  Shutterfly is always running promotions to save on their products, including photo books, so be sure to check the front page for any savings promocodesCURRENLTY SAVE: 50% off hard cover photo books by using the code SHAREIT

What memories would you save in a photo book?

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