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Five months ago my baby boy was introduced to his Bommerscheim Buddie, who goes by Flops in this house.  It was love at first sight, and if you follow my business and/or personal social media accounts, you’ll see them together all the time.  Whenever my son needs to be soothed, you better know where Flops is!  He will refuse every nap without his Buddie — he will simply cry with his hands grasping at the air until you find it.  You can read all about this wonderful company in my initial review here –> BAM.

Remember this guy?

bommer buddies review in_the_know_mom

This is what he does with Flops: rubs the ears across his eyes and cheeks, the intensity depending on is level of upset.  It is so adorable to watch — I could watch him all night! Something about his Buddie calms him more than anything else could.  He also rubs the ears across his cheeks as he drinks a bottle.

bommer buddies review in_the_know_mom

My daughter met a new friend down the street last week and her family brought her along for dinner at Chuck E Cheese.  It was her first time there (something about it grosses me out) and she went wild.  She said the place was packed with two birthday parties and there were kids everywhere on top of each other.  Well, you guessed it, she brought home a bug.  Several days later she had a high fever and was spending her days on the couch.  And, well you guessed it again, a few days after her, Gabriel had a fever.  He has been living in my bed since dad and I are sick as well. Who has been by his side 24/7?  Yep.  His Bommerscheim Buddie, Flops, but in new bright spring colors.

bommer buddies review in_the_know_mom

When planning his Easter basket, I couldn’t think of much other than another Bommerscheim Buddie — how absolutely perfect.  When a child attaches to an object so fiercely, the parents’ anxiety raises.  What if it is lost?  How could the child even move on?  Solution?  Have two!

bommer buddies review in_the_know_mom

After 5 months with a Buddie, I can tell you the convenience of the interchangeable covers is priceless.  Whenever Gabriel makes a mess on Flops, I simply toss the cover into the washing machine.   He doesn’t have to be without him though, because I have a replacement cover.

bommer buddies review in_the_know_mom

bommer buddies review in_the_know_mom

I’ll go ahead and take this opportunity to share some big news.  Bommerscheim Buddies is expanding from the bunny Buddie!  Soon you will be able to enjoy a whole host of other animal buddies including a bear, owl, elephant, monkey, lion, dog, lamb and pig! Wow!  I haven’t seen the new guys yet but am sure they will be just as magical as the bunny.

Purchase Bommerscheim Buddies online and don’t forget to grab an extra cover for your Easter Basket!  Buddies come in a variety of Eastery colors. These baby BFFs are $19.99 and can be personalized for $10 more.  Also find matching blankies and Itty Bitty Buddies, a smaller version.

bommer buddies bunnies review in_the_know_mom

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bommer buddies review in_the_know_mom

Product was provided by Bommerscheim Sisters Company to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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