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My relationship with my hair since kids has been questionable. After the birth of my last child (born 12 months ago) my hair decided to abandon me.  I started losing hair by the clump and I held my breath until the week it stopped falling out.  During this time, I was afraid to cause any damage with teasing and over-processing, so I relied on a product from Philip Kingsley, which I reviewed last year — the Maximizer.  It has since started growing back in, which is almost just as bad looking!

Another affliction of postpartum women is time drain.  When you have a baby (especially when there are other children in the home) time just melts away.  Some days, I don’t have 5 minutes to shower, literally don’t have it!  A real lifesaver is a dry shampoo, but not all are created equal.  The One More Day Dry Shampoo from Philip Kingsley does a stunning job for when a shower just isn’t in the cards.

Spraying the dry shampoo onto your roots, section by section, and allowing to sit for 10 minutes, absorbs the excess sebum that weighs down your hair.  Rid yourself of a greasy second day ponytail.  With this product, I can fake a day two blow out without much effort at all.  The volume and texture that come after application is so wonderful (and such a lie!).  This is truly a lifesaver for any busy mom.

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Ingredients such as zinc PCA, allantoin and bisabolol cleanse the scalp and eradicate excess dirt and oil, while keeping flakes and irritation at bay.  For that texture, the dry shampoo utilizes rich starch and the rest… soothing agents to calm irritable skin.

Audrey Hepburn.  Yes, my lifetime idol was the inspiration and reason for this next product.  The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a cult hair essential, coveted around the world by those whose hair needs some major moisture.  Anyone who processes their hair or spends a lot of time with the blow dryer needs the Elasticizer.  N. E. E. D. S. it.

I have tried so many different conditioning treatments and many have weighed me down.  The Elasticizer is the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment that is suitable for all hair types, even fine.  It delivers a “rush” of moisture inside the hair’s cuticle.  It gives suppleness, elasticity, strength and bounce to your hair instantly.  So vital, the Elasticizer is part of every Philip Kingsley Clinical Treatment… and you can have it in your home hair routine!

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Here is where this product is a time-saver — instead of waiting in the shower for 10 mins after shampooing, this treatment goes on before you ever get in.  So, feel free to get other things done while it soaks in.

Before shampooing, apply the Elasticizer to wet hair, working through for a full minute.  When I first tested the Elasticizer, I had an upcoming hair coloring, so I went all the way and capped my head for 20 minutes, then shampooed.  This step can be skipped, but I’d recommend investing the time — you can do other things while it is working its magic.  The improvements were apparent and immediate and I’m addicted!

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Product was provided by Philip Kingsley for review purposes.  Contains affiliate links.

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