{DIY} bathmat or memo board?

I have been collecting wine corks for awhile now, not totally sure of what I would do with them.  Not only am I collecting my own, but I have friends all over the country sending theirs to me.  My collection still has a little bit to go but I am now really trying to think of a practical application for them.  Lately, I have seen a few versions of the Wine Cork Bathmat, most recently from Daily Danny.  He uses a shadow box and fills it with wine corks standing on end.  A great tip from him is to ask local restaurants or bars for their corks (brilliant).  I like how this look focuses on the ends (stained with different color wines) and not the maker’s emblem.  Is this the one?

Then there is the cork board using lots of wine corks and a reclaimed door frame.  This idea just sang to me when I first saw it and I’ve had it bookmarked ever since.  This DIY is brought you by Home Made and I think it’s a beautiful use of not only one used material, but two.  This would be awesome near my office desk for all my scribbled notes and pictures I have accumulated during the writing of my first novel.  I’d love for all the bits of paper to be more organized but dislike the cheap cork board that can be purchased.  Sure, they came in handy in college, but would look out of place in my home now.  This DIY is absolutely stunning.  It would also be great by the entrance for important papers or homework that needs to be addressed (great memo board).  Or is this the one?


Our loyal readers, which project would you choose?  Do you have any other ideas on how I can utilize all of these wine corks?

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