{DIY} wax paper and crayon fall leaves

I love Fall so very very much. In fact, I practically rush the end of Summer out the door so that I can start to decorate the house will all of my orange decorations and Halloween decor. While visiting one of my favorite blogs, I came across a tutorial that I remember doing waaaaaaaaay back when I was in school. It’s where you take crayons, shave them into small pieces or chunks, place them in between two pieces of wax paper, iron it and then once cooled, you cut out your desired shapes.

I loved that V and Co. took it a step further with providing a leaf template. Would’ve taken me forever to find a template on my own. My daughter was running around the house to find some red, yellow, orange and brown crayons that were broken. We shaved up the crayons, ironed them. We’re still in the process of cutting them all out. I have to say, that’s my least favorite part of this project. After the fourth one, I’m looking for other things to do. But after they were cut out, we placed some tape on one side and my daughter place them on our kitchen window. We live in the desert, where we don’t see seasons change. This was such a beautiful way to have the colors of Fall right outside the window we look out the most. We now have orange, yellow, brown and red leaves falling down from the sky.

Head over to V and Co. for the full tutorial in case you forgot (I know I did) as well as to print off the free template she has. Bring on the bonfires and pumpkin pies!

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