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DIY watering can detergent bottle {Earth Month}

This DIY laundry detergent watering can shop and post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

Earth Day may have passed, but it is still Earth Month (which really should be every month)!  Today is also trash day at my house.  Looking at my crammed full recycling can, I started to wonder what in there I could repurpose.  We are certainly quick to throw things out but I have a DIY that may make you think twice about that detergent container! Also on the docket for today is how to keep your colors bright and your whites white during your Spring outdoor adventures with the new all Radiant detergent!

DIY watering can detergent bottle #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

I recently gave my laundry room a makeover, nothing major, just some lipstick.  I thrifted containers for my laundry items, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and added a few decor touches like new knobs and a better place to hold my keys.

laundry room makeover diy tutorial #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

You’ll note that I prefer to keep my detergents and softeners in glass containers with an easy pour spout.  This is partially because I don’t like looking at packaging and partially because I like the convenience.  So what to do with the empty containers?  Don’t throw them out – they make the perfect watering cans!!  All you will need besides the container is a drill and a can of spray paint, which I suppose is optional but let’s be real, everything looks better painted gold!

1. Drill holes in cap

diy watering can #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

2. Spray paint gold

diy watering can #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

3. Use fly swatter method to evenly coat

diy watering can #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

4. Allow to dry

It doesn’t rain here in Palm Springs; California as a whole is also currently in an insanely bad drought, which created major restrictions on our sprinkler system.  We can only turn on our sprinklers 3 days a week and only at night.  Well my poor plants need more water.  Needless to say, I do a lot of manual watering and my daughter helps too.  In fact, it is a chore of hers, one she actually enjoys!

DIY watering can from detergent bottle #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

What I don’t like about most watering cans on the market is they tend to have puny holes.  I don’t want to spend all day watering my plants, especially the bigger bushes.  Drilling your own holes means you can make as many as you want, as big as you want!  I pretty much covered the whole top in decent-sized holes.

diy gold watering can detergent #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

The detergent bottle shape is actually perfect for the watering task.  Ergonomically, it is already designed to pour and it is a really great size for kids. I think watering can manufacturers should take some notes from the laundry detergents!

diy gold watering can detergent #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

Even better, twist off the top and you have a perfect spout to pour lots of water on the plants that need it, like our citrus trees! This gets the job done faster than ever before.

diy watering can laundry detergent #RadiantLaundry #CollectiveBias

With the dog days of summer quickly approaching, I am gearing up for more laundry.  The weather is so nice now I can’t keep the kids inside and outside they end up super dirty.  It IS the desert after all.  To keep the kiddos snazzy duds looking their best, there is all Radiant.  This new product turns back time on laundry wear, protecting colors and restoring whites.  It has patented FiberShield technology to keep brights bright, which is important when you have a daughter who loves her colorful clothing!

Find new all Radiant at Target in the detergent aisle! There is a Cartwheel offer running from 5/3 – 5/9 you can’t miss!



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  1. April 28, 2015 at 8:02 am — Reply

    What a fun idea! I share the same thoughts about store-bought watering cans…but an old laundry detergent container would indeed make a perfect watering can. Ideal for all of the upcoming days of yardwork! Thanks for sharing! #client

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