DIY Holiday Teepee Fort for kids

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We are fort people.

DIY Holiday Teepee Fort for kids

At any given time, there is at least one fort standing in our home, more likely, two or three. It’s one thing that my two kids, 6 years apart, both agree is a killer way to spend free time. They will build teepees for two, blanket and dining room chair fortresses, castles made from cardboard boxes… whatever they can find around the house.

DIY holiday teepee fort for kids

So, I’m currently using every bit of my willpower NOT to pack away the fall décor and bring down the boxes of Christmas things. I don’t usually catch holiday fever so early, but I’m really fighting it this year!  I made it a week into November before I caved – a little.  In an effort to satisfy my kiddos (and myself) we redesigned their favorite teepee fort, which you can make too!

DIY Holiday Teepee for kids

DIY Holiday Kids Teepee Fort

Teepee forts are temporary and therefore so easy to make. No machinery is needed, so leave the sewing machine for another project.  All you need to make this holiday fort is:

  • 4  approx. 6′ poles
  • 1 holiday sheet set
  • 4 standard pillows
  • holiday décor, optional

DIY Christmas Teepee tutorial

For the structure, you’re going to need four poles of equal length. I’m using 6 foot poles which allow enough space for two small people inside the fort.  You will need to lash them together with cording, about 10″ from the top.  To make it easier for the kids to do on their own, we ended up drilling a hole through each pole.  Then you can just thread a cord through, tighten and tie.

easy DIY kids teepee fort

Drape the flat sheet around the structure and use a clothes pin to hold it in place.  We’ll hide that later.  Cover two standard pillows in matching cases.  Stuff the other two (or three) standard size pillows into the fitted sheet (this will be the fort floor).  Arrange the pillows inside the fort and you’re done!  Unless you’d like to decorate…

DIY Christmas Kids Teepee Fort

When we’re talking forts, the more pillows the better.  Add a seasonal throw pillow for more cushion and holiday spirit.

DIY kids teepee fort for the holidays

Every good teepee fort needs ambiance from cool string lighting.  My daughter hung a string of holiday lights, which I have to admit, now that it is dark, are really putting me in the Christmas spirit!  The rest of our holiday décor may be coming out sooner than I thought. :/

DIY Holiday Teepee Fort

This teepee fort is a really fun tradition for kids, and once the frame is up, just let them have fun.  My daughter hung the lights and then a few ornaments, mostly snowflakes. They are all pretty excited to see snow this year (not at home in Palm Springs of course, but on vacation!) and so this snowy fort makes them so happy!  This teepee fort is temporary, so after Christmas, tuck the holiday sheet in the box with other decorations.  As the seasons change and the holidays come and go, change the sheets with!  It’s a fun, festive tradition kids will absolutely love.

DIY holiday teepee fort for kids

No home or fort is complete without a fresh scent, which is why my favorite air mist, Febreze ONE is never far from reach. Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Mist is perfect for any holiday fort as it contains no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes. With one single pump, Febreze ONE sprays a fine mist into the air or onto fabric. It’s perfect for any holiday fabrics draped around the house!

Febreze ONE for the holidays

Febreze ONE eliminates existing odors (from kids, pets, life), solving the current problem. It then leaves behind a light scent that is so refreshing and never heavy. This fall, I have been enjoying the bamboo scent, but you can also find this product in Mandarin and Orchid, both light, crisp and perfect for any room. When you’ve used up your bottle, you can purchase Febreze ONE refills to keep your whole home smelling delightful all season long.

Don’t cover up smells, eliminate them with Febreze ONE!

Febreze ONE for the holidays

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DIY Holiday Teepee Fort for kids

DIY Holiday Teepee Fort for kids

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