DIY Hardware Busy Board + how things work toys {toddler}

This DIY Hardware Busy Board for toddlers tutorial is a sponsored post on behalf of SocialStars and Playskool. #PlayskoolCrew

With an inquisitive and free spirited toddler boy running around my house all day, I am always looking for toys to keep him busy.  Not only do I want to keep him preoccupied, but I also want him learning.  One of the best learning tools for kids is toys that show them cause and effect, how things work, you push that-this happens type of thing.  The Playskool Roll ‘n Gears Car has been such a hit in my house lately, it inspired me to create a DIY Busy Board with more how-things-work play!

#playskoolcrew DIY toddler busy board


The Playskool Roll ‘n Gears Car is a portable toy car that contains 5 colorful gears.  When your baby/toddler spins one, it causes all of them to spin.  They can also pull the gears off and rearrange them or stack them high.  Close it up, and it becomes a car to drive!




Like the other Playskool toys I have been sharing, this is a stow and go style toy.  Every part has a home within the toy and closed, the parts stay in place.  Compact as it is, you can throw this toy in your diaperbag, stroller or car for any destination.  Having a few of these portable toys around can be quite important with busy, easily distracted toddlers.



For today’s DIY busy board, I decided to go with hardware: locks, bolts, knobs and the like.  Gabriel really loves these items in our home, so I knew this style of busy board would be a success.  I simply headed to a local home improvement store and searched down the hardware aisles for easily attached items.  I ended up purchasing these:

  • door knob without locking mechanism
  • door stopper
  • carabiner
  • handle
  • zipper
  • barrel bolt
  • chain lock
  • caster
  • door hinge (not used because I ran out of space)
  • burlap + button

diy hardware busy board for toddlers #playskoolcrew

Since my son loves cars, I also decided to make a little road at the bottom where he could move cars and signs around from place to place.  This was an easy addition (and a huge hit) and all you need for this part is:

  • wooden cars and signs (these came in a package as a threading game)
  • peel & stick Velcro ovals
  • black felt
  • rick rack or other ribbon
  • hot glue gun

diy toddler busy board with hardware #playskoolcrew

DIY busy board cars #playskoolcrew

This isn’t the lightest busy board, so it is definitely an at-home thing.  I’m thinking about screwing it to the wall, but it works sitting on a child’s lap or propped up against a wall just as well.  For sure, when you are on the go, you’re going to want to reach for your Playskool Roll ‘n Gears Car instead!

diy busy board for toddlers #playskoolcrew

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