{DIY} farmer’s market bags

We buy a lot of produce in this house.  With all the green smoothies and fresh soups made, I’m constantly having to stock the fridge with fresh vegetables and fruits.  I love the lifestyle as I feel so much better sticking to this mega-nutrient rich diet.  My only gripe is never having enough reusable bags for the produce section!   It seems counter-productive to use all reusable shopping bags and then have to grab a bunch of plastic bags for all my leafy veg.  I have a handful of produce bags from Blue Avocado, which I love, but I do need more.  Here is a great way to make your own awesome produce bags.  You simply take some kitchen tea towels and some twine to your sewing machine and make your bags.  Then use letter stamps to personalize the bags with the produce name that will be riding inside.   I can’t wait to jump on this DIY project and hopefully have them done before our local farmer’s market on Thursday!!  Full DIY instructions from Design Sponge.

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