DIY Fall Leaf and Flower Headdresses and Crowns

This week, we spent some time in and around Idyllwild, California, which is in the San Jacinto Mountains.  It is a popular escape for residents of Palm Springs looking for a break from the desert heat.  With everyone talking about fall – I wanted to experience some fall weather myself and so we loaded up the car and headed up the very windy mountainside.  As the elevation rose, the temperatures dropped, and us desert rats all had the chills.

The highlight of Gabe’s afternoon was definitely finding a large tree stump with a hole in it.  Oh to be 3 again – it is the little things!  Another highlight was when he realized I had brought along three bags of Goldfish crackers for him and his sister to enjoy.

The key to enjoying a hike with the kids is always breaks and snacks.  I have written a lot on the blog about hiking with kids and this is always my advice: let them set the pace, let them wander off the trail and bring all of the snacks.  Kids need their fuel, even more than us parents and Goldfish crackers are always a hit.

While I truly love living in the desert, most of the time, I miss seasons and all of the signs that come along with them.  Crisp, cool breezes whipping a rainbow of fallen leaves through the air; The fragrant evergreens reaching so high, they pierce the grey-blue sky… and the layered clothing!  I want to wrap myself in 17 layers and just hang out in the woods.  That is my happy place.

After leaving Idyllwild and heading back to the valley, we all felt inspired to create some fun leaf projects.  You’re not supposed to take anything from the protected nature preserves, so I headed for the craft store for something faux.  I found some awesome cloth leaves and fall flower bouquets – perfect for headdresses and crowns.

DIY fall leaf and flower crown headdress - fall crafts for kids

All you need to create a DIY fall headdress or crown is:

  • felt, cut into strips
  • faux fall leaves
  • faux fall flowers, pulled off stems if applicable
  • E6000 glue, or hot glue if not working with little kids
  • ribbon, optional for back tie

DIY fall leaf and flower crown headdress - fall crafts for kids

My daughter was clearly all about the flowers with a few leaves on her headdresses.

DIY fall leaf and flower crown headdress - fall crafts for kids

DIY fall leaf and flower crown headdress - fall crafts for kids

My son was not too excited about the flowers, so he stuck to the leaves for his crown.

DIY fall leaf crown for boys - fall crafts for kids

This is a super easy craft that the kids can mostly do on their own.  I use E6000 glue for its strong hold and slightly slow dry.  It allows kids to reposition things before they dry (but drying doesn’t take all day).  If you have older kids that know their way around a hot glue gun, by all means – that works awesome here too.  I did forget one necessary crafting supply – snacks!  Yep, more Goldfish crackers to keep the crafting flow going.

DIY fall leaf and flower crown headdress - fall crafts for kids

What fall crafts for kids do you have planned?

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