DIY fall apple harvest wreath {tutorial}

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I have been waiting for fall all summer.  While some of you didn’t want summer to end, I couldn’t wait.  Here in the desert, summer is a four letter word and to say we are all excited for fall is a magnificent understatement.  Besides the weather improvement, I also adore the fall flavors and aromas… so warm and inviting, right?  Today I’ve got a DIY fall apple harvest wreath tutorial + some intoxicating new fall scents from Glade® Limited Edition Fall Collection.

One of my favorite fall activities is heading to the apple orchard.  I like apple picking even more than pumpkin picking and we are lucky to live so close to Apple Valley.  This past week I threw the kids in the car and drove out to Oak Glen Orchards in the heart of Apple Country – a 5 mile loop that contains 30+ ranches, farms and businesses, all bursting with gorgeous apples.  It is truly God’s country out there!

So inspired by our awesome day at the orchard, I decided to make a fall wreath for our door.  I’m completely over the whole yarn-wrapped wreath at this point (after making too many) and so I walked straight past the yarn aisle and grabbed a grape vine wreath and every apple bundle in the store.  At my craft store there were a few different types of faux apples – large ones, tiny ones and the medium small ones with long stems.  The long stems make these apples so easy to intertwine into the grape vine wreath, so they were absolutely perfect!

This is an easy DIY wreath and it only require four things (plus a hanging hook): the wreath, 4-6 bundles of apples, floral wire and wire cutters.  I’m all about easy décor this year as life is busier than ever.  Simply take your wire cutters and separate the apple bundles into individual apples on stem.  Remove most of the leaves, leaving some for a more apple tree look.  Thread them throw the wreath, taking care to not have the stems pop out the back too much, though we will address the stems later.

How you arrange the apples is up to you.  I started out wanting to cover the entire wreath in apples, but then decided I liked the bunched look with some wreath showing through… it reminded me more of the apple orchards.

Once you have your desired design, it is time for the finishing touches.  Turn the wreath over and check out the stem situation.  Cut pieces of floral wire and use them to affix any stray stems to the grape vine.  If this wreath is going on a door that will be opened, closed and maybe slammed, you definitely want to make sure the apples are locked in to their position.  I propped my wreath up on the mantle for now because I want to enjoy looking at it for awhile.  Soon it will make it’s transition to the door!

This wreath is really getting me in the mood for the season and speaking of that, I have two new fragrances from Glade® making my home smell amazing – Pumpkin Pit Stop and Hit the Road.  Pumpkin is always a top candle scent for fall and it gives off the best fall vibes – sweet, warm and homey.  Pumpkin Pit Stop will take you back to the pumpkin patch and scent your home with not only pumpkin but vanilla notes as well.  Close your eyes and you’ll be transported to a cottage off in the mountains, sitting in front of a flickering fire, eating straight-from-the-oven pumpkin pie…

I’ve lit many a pumpkin candle in my day and this one is top of the pack.  Not one-note sweet, it is a sophisticated blend of scents with just the right amount of spice to balance the sweet.  At your Kroger banner store (mine is Ralph’s) you can find the Glade® Pumpkin Pit Stop Jar Candle, PlugIns® Scented Oil, Premium Room Spray and Wax Melts.

A less obvious fall scent comes in the form of Hit The Road, a nod to us wanderlusting, road tripping adventurers.  We are always off on a new excursion, especially now that the weather is cooling off, so this particular scent makes me smile.  Reminiscent of autumn days past, this blend of autumn bark and blue rose mixed with a hint of crisp air blowing past your open car window, will certainly get you and your adventurous family in the seasonal mood.  When choosing candles for my home, I tend to pick those with a bit of musk to them, as Hit The Road has.

I loved this scent so much, I had to purchase it in all forms, including Glade PlugIns® Scented Oil.  Since they are adjustable, you can really dial in the perfect amount of scent for your room.  Fall isn’t just apples and pumpkins… it is also about the smell of changing trees, dropped leaves and cooler, crisp air.  It is about heading out on the road to take in the spectacular views that only autumn can bring.  Farewell, summer.  Hello, heartwarming, soul-fulfilling fall!

Find all of these new Glade® Limited Edition Fall Collection products at Kroger banner stores in the aisle with air fresheners.


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