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DIY eco-friendly outdoor shower

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In the last few years, I have become very aware of my water consumption.  Here in California, we were in a desperate drought for many years and the responsibility fell to everyone to conserve water.  We scheduled sprinklers for night hours, we opted for drought-friendly landscaping and took shorter showers.  We may be out of the drought now, but it’s good to just stay in the habit of conserving water.  I decided to make over our old outdoor shower area to make it super eco-friendly and ready for summer showers with a side of Starbucks® coffee.

There’s a clear benefit of the outdoor shower – you can enjoy your morning coffee while you wait for your hair conditioner to set in.  Beautiful.  We’re a die hard Starbucks® coffee family and our everyday go-to is Starbucks® Pike Place® Roast.  This coffee is actually what inspired my new eco-friendly outdoor shower because for every bag of Starbucks® 10-12z & 20z Ground or Whole Bean coffee purchased at participating Albertson’s Company stores in the U.S. from May 1st – May 28, Starbucks will donate 70¢ to Conservation International to foster thriving coffee communities. To learn more, visit

A new tree for each bag of coffee you purchase through 5/28.  That’s incredible.

Starbucks® will also donate 70¢ to Conservation International, per bag, which is a nonprofit that supports thriving coffee communities.  It’s always great to hear that a brand you already support is giving back to the communities that have helped it grow.  I love that.  My morning 2 mile commute to Albertsons just got better, warm and fuzzy feelings included.

Find Starbucks® Pike Place® Roast at Albertsons in the aisle with coffee and tea.  Head over here to learn more, visit

Check out the special Starbucks “One Tree One Bag” commitment display in the coffee aisle!

This side of our house has been wasted space since day #1.  I love having an outdoor shower, especially since our pool is salt water and you really should rinse afterwards.  I was happy to see that.  What I wasn’t thrilled with was the row of boring, ugly, water-guzzling green bushes the previous owners had planted all down the wall.  They really didn’t go with the rest of the yard, which is desert in theme – makes sense here in Palm Springs.  So, I ripped them out!  Oof… looks rough.

In their place, I chose to plant drought-friendly desert grass (purple fountain grass) that will require little upkeep and watering.

These will grow and expand to be 4-5 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide, which will fill the space nicely, add a pop of color and give life to an otherwise dead space.

Another way to enhance an outdoor area while keeping it eco-friendly is rock.  Here in the desert, we definitely embrace rock.  Grass requires a TON of attention, water and fertilizer to stay healthy here.  My neighbor’s front yard is grass and he practically lives on his lawn, manicuring and tending to it – and the sprinklers are always on.  Rock is a more realistic option that conserves water.

Next thing to address for the outdoor shower was definitely the old showerhead.  This showerhead is probably the original one the previous owners installed.  It wasn’t super special to begin with but was also quite destroyed from years of the elements and hard water.  It was time to upgrade.  I headed to the hardware store in search of an eco-friendly option.  Bingo.

I chose a showerhead that has multiple settings (7 to be exact) one of which is “ecorain”.  Having spray options is awesome because if you’re just rinsing off from the pool, you don’t need a high-power, full spray.  Save water with by adjusting to the right spray – easy!

I just don’t use the outdoor shower for post-pool rinsing.  During the summer, I use it for my morning showers probably 2-3 times a week.  I tend to take shorter showers outside, so that’s a bonus for my water consumption.  There is something SO refreshing about showering outdoors – the fresh air, the sunshine – it’s heavenly.

While I was making over my shower space, I decided to add a few touches of comfort.  For one, I really needed a towel hook, so I enlisted my husband’s handy help and found the perfect outdoor towels to hang.

This shower was also missing a very important component – a shower mat.  A cloth material wouldn’t last long outside, so an outdoor mat was the right way to go.  On top I put a small side table, which holds the necessities – soap, extra towel…

…and morning coffee.

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