{DIY} create your own sun jar

I love the Sun Jars purchasable from for $40.  These jars collect sunlight during the day, and then light up at night, producing about the same light as a candle.  As a mom, this read nightlight all over.  My four year old is right in that place where monsters have invaded hidden places like closets, bathrooms, and under the bed.  Because of this, the nightlight situation has increased.  So when I saw these products, it really got me to thinking.  Luckily, it had the same effect on others.  Jason at LifeHacker put up a simple tutorial on a great DIY.   All you will need are mason jars, solar powered LED garden lights, and frosting spray (low cost DIY).  These are perfect for ambient outdoor lighting and… nightlights.

sun jar DIY

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