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{DIY} Convert Your Pantry To Clean Eating

It seems like just yesterday, I was able to eat whatever I wanted. Yep, that means cake, donuts, potato chips–highly processed and sugary foods. It’s amazing how invincible we are during our teens and early 20’s. The ironic thing is that almost all of my close friends have discovered over the past few years that they all have food intolerances/sensitivities. Whether they have IBS, PCOS, Gluten intolerance or even if they just chose to become vegan.  We all have  foods we must avoid now. Having PCOS, 0ne of my biggest triggers is sugar and processed foods/grains. Slowly but surely I’ve been able to change mine and my family’s diets. Granted, i can’t deprive them of their cookies and twizzlers, but I can try to encourage healthy eating for their main meals and snacks.

When I first met with my dietician and learned all my do’s and don’ts, it was extremely overwhelming to come home to a pantry filled with highly processed foods–Mostly “side” dishes. Whether they were pastas, rice mixes, canned vegetables,  they’re all highly processed and awful for you. Sad, right? Well I started with canning my own tomatoes and vegetables. Such an easy process and they taste so much better. Next are all the grains. I had no idea that rice was processed. I know, I’m slow. But, the main point of my story here is that you can’t do it overnight or you’d break the bank and lose your sanity completely. Take is slow, learn about how to convert your pantry and then do some research on recipes. You’ll see how much better things taste when it’s all home made versus store bought.

I found a great starter post over at The Gracious Pantry that walks you through how to start converting your pantry to clean eating. Some extremely valuable information and tips. You’ll realize how much better you will feel and look once you remove the processed foods from your diet, even if you don’t have intolerances/sensitivities. My husband is healthier than he’s been since high school because he’s eating so much better. People can’t stop commenting on him. Start 2012 by eating cleaner!

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