DIY car trash can + me-time {sweet moments}

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When you become a mom your me-time starts to shrink.  When you have your second child, it disappears.  What is me-time again? I forget. I’ve been realizing recently that the key to a happy life is balance and part of that balance is carving out time for yourself.  There really is no such thing as free time, it doesn’t exist, you have to make it.  Every moment is another chance to work, to worry, to do something other than take care of yourself… time to make yourself a priority and indulge!

A little background, my husband and I met on the east coast and decided to move west to Los Angeles.  We just woke up one day and moved because you can do that sort of thing before kids.  After some years we decided we would actually like to own property in California and moved east to Palm Springs where things cost a little less.  I still worked out of Los Angeles, so a commute began… a 2 hour commute.  The idea was daunting but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make for my family (which had grown by one).  With the stresses of life back at home, I started to look forward to my commute.  It was as quiet or as loud as I wanted it to be and with no distractions.

DIY car trash can tutorial #SkinnyCowMoments

As a parent, you take what you can get when it comes to me-time and car time absolutely works.  I made my time in the car quite pleasant with an amazing Spotify playlist that I could sing with at the top of my lungs and – sweet treats – always a must.  Before too long though a complication arose with the wrappers and I knew I needed to create a trash receptacle for my car that wasn’t a huge eyesore.  I had an extra cereal keeper lying around (because I have an obscene amount of them) so I spray painted one for my car trash can!

#SkinnyCowMoments DIY car trashcan

My go-to car treats often involve caffeine (duh!) and my current convenient favorite is the Skinny Cow® Mocha Latte Creamy Iced Coffee – have you seen these yet?! Available in three flavors (Vanilla Latte, Mocha Latte & Creamy Cappuccino) these are a blend of rich roasted coffee whipped with creamy milk…. so creamy and decadently awesome! I have to fight my husband for these, meaning I hide them in the back of the fridge! ; )


Another common player on my commute is candy, specifically chocolate.  I really love chocolate but alas I have a bit of an allergy to it.  It isn’t anything major, but certain kinds cause my skin to become itchy so I eat it sparingly.  Chocolate is an indulgence for me and I only eat it in small portions, which makes the Skinny Cow® Blissful Truffle Candy Bar, which comes in two flavors – Milk and Dark Chocolate – perfect for me.  Each individual Truffle Candy Bar breaks into 4 bite-size pieces, so if I just want one or two bites, I’m set.  Wow, biting into these is euphoric!  The chocolatey outside with the soft truffle on the inside… little bites of Heaven and perfect for on the go.  They are also great frozen!


My ride is looking pretty great already but I thought it was time to kick it up a notch, to do something I never would have before my fancy DIY car trash can: frozen snacks.  Here in the hot SoCal desert, we go through many frozen snacks and treats – why not in the car?  The Skinny Cow® Vanilla Almond Crunch Bar made my packing list today, one of three flavors in the Skinny Cow® Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bars line, the other two flavors being Double Caramel Swirl and Triple Chocolate Ripple.  The crunchy outer coating is the perfect contrast to the creamy interior – all in all, a perfect frozen treat!


Unwrapped (and wrapper tucked into the trashcan) this frozen treat is the perfect way to start my trip.  Now I have a new ritual.  While I am organizing my car, preparing for my commute, turning on my Spotify playlist, adjusting my seat, I take a deep breath and enjoy my Skinny Cow® Frozen Treat – just to set the relaxing and enjoyable tone for the trip.


DIY Car Trash Can

You will need:

  • 1 cereal keeper with a flip top lid
  • spray paint + a contrasting spray paint for the lid
  • washi tape

First, decide on your spray paints; I went with a sea glass green for the clear container and a flat matte black for the top.  Spray nicely and lightly in long strokes to avoid drips.  I used two coats on both pieces.  Allow to dry.

diy car trashcan #SkinnyCowMoments cereal keeper

Next grab a coordinating washi tape (or two) and give your new trash can a bit of a pop.  I decided to go with some leopard print washi I had in my collection.  It adds that extra touch of customization.  You could go all the way down the container, try a chevron design, whatever your heart desires – sky is the limit here.

diy car trashcan from cereal keeper #SkinnyCowMoments

That is it folks!  This is a super simple tutorial for a DIY anyone can do – and should do – especially us with a commute.  It is also imperative to have one of these if you have children in the car, who always manage to leave trash behind!

Find these Skinny Cow® products and more at Walmarts nationwide!  The Iced Coffees are found in the refrigerators at checkout and the candy bars are in the candy aisles.  For the amazing Skinny Cow® Frozen Treats, head to the frozen section in the ice cream aisle.

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