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how to detox your body after Coachella

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Who is ready for Coachella?! One of the best parts about living in Palm Springs is being local for the two weeks of Coachella celebration. Not all locals feel that way… in fact, I might be in the minority with that opinion. Even though I’m not completely thrilled with the traffic and drunken randos, I just can’t wait for both weekends. I’m also anticipating eating a lot of foods I don’t normally (yum-o!) and drinking my fair share of fun beverages… which means I’ll need a big detox after both weekends.

At home, I keep my diet really basic – just fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts (I just recently cut out all grains). When we travel though, I let my hair down. When I roadtrip, go camping or spend days at a music festival, I’m just a regular ol junk food vegan with a diet full of processed meats, processed cheeses, bread and alcohol. There is definitely worse I could be eating, but never the less, I can feel the energy-zapping effect it has on my body afterwards. Seriously, once you’ve thoroughly detoxed your body, eating anything processed afterwards will make you want a nap.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to go vegan. So many health benefits came from this switch but I still didn’t have a ton of energy. I kept researching until I got to Dr. Morse’s book – The Detox Miracle Sourcebook. I won’t get into the specifics (if interested, please read it for yourself!), but in general, the book promotes a raw diet comprised mostly of fruits. Fruit has a powerful detoxifying, cleansing and healing effect on the body. You certainly don’t have to go full fruitarian to experience the benefits, though, and this is the first part to my post-Coachella detox plan:

start the day with fruit

Fresh fruit is naturally astringent and therefore very powerful at cleaning our your lymphatic system.  There are no other foods that can detox your body better than fruit, so load up! I prefer fruit salads to smoothies, but either will work.  Feel free to incorporate fresh fruits throughout the day, but never eat fruit after a meal of other foods. Fruit digests quickly (which is why eating a lot of it leaves you feeling energized, not tired) but if you add it to slower-digesting foods in the stomach, it will sit and ferment. yikes, right? To help regulate my blood sugar with all of this fruit, I also take ceylon cinnamon (true cinnamon) and turmeric supplements at breakfast.

keep it raw as possible

For the most detoxifying power, eat only raw foods for the week (or however many days you’re detoxing). Many powerful enzymes and nutrients are lost when we cook vegetables. For the duration of the detox, try to keep it 100% raw. If you find yourself craving roasted vegetables, that’s okay! Allow yourself a cooked meal for dinner, but keep the ingredients simple and avoid adding too much salt.

drink an adequate amount of water

Up until recently, I thought it was best to flush your body with as much water as possible. This can actually be harmful in a detox as it is making your kidneys work too hard on a task outside of detoxing. Detox should be a time of rejuvenation for kidneys, so give them a break. In serious detoxes where the goal is to get your kidneys filtering out lymph, dry fasting is actually recommended (check out kidney filtration videos on YouTube for more on that) no water at all for 24 hours. That aside, stay hydrated during your detox with a regular amount of water and plenty of fresh fruits. Your body can more easily use water in fresh fruit than in a glass of water, so fruit is actually more hydrating. Interesting, isn’t it?!

drink a detox tea 3 times a day

The medicinal power of herbs is astounding and the best way to harness that power is through teas. I prefer loose leaf tea where you can really see the ingredients.  The most important part is that you choose a HIGH quality tea full of detoxifying herbs. Quality is key here and you need the right blend.

About Teasäne

Teasäne is a recently launched health and wellness brand with a full line of products including functional teas, herbal extracts, facial tea beauty cream, supplements and 28-day wellness kits.

Teasane’s roots can be traced back to South Africa where our Master Herbalist, Sara Maayan, was living when she gave birth to her son, who was born with a life-threatening illness. As his body rejected every medicine the doctors prescribed, Sara began to study Herbalism where she developed an herbal blend that eventually saved her son’s life.

Sharing Sara’s passion for natural ingredients, Teasane is dedicated to developing products that harness nature’s power to promote full body wellness. The company’s award-winning line of products have been shown to effectively help many of life’s health issues, making them a leader in the natural remedy industry.

For the past week I have been drinking Teasäne’s Detox Tea (3 times a day) and feeling absolutely awesome.  This detox blend is aimed to boost the metabolism, energize the body, and improve liver and digestive function. The blend contains: nettle, alfalfa, dandelion, fennel, horsetail, flax, milk thistle, olive leaves, anise, plantain, lemon verbena, sage, verbena, parsley, chamomile, ginseng and rosehip. Learn more about these powerful ingredients and how they aid your body in detoxification at the Teasäne website.

I suggest not only Teasäne’s Detox Tea, but also Teasäne’s Detox Herbal Extract. If you really mean business on this detox journey, add in this concentrated extract of the same blend as the tea. I simply drop the extract into a cup of water and down the hatch it goes. Do this 3 times a day. Side note: I’m completely obsessed with the Teasäne Digestion Herbal Extract, which I take when my diet isn’t perfect and I get tummy troubles.

Detox is just the tip of the iceberg with what Teasäne has to offer. Help heal what ails you with herbal blends for immunity, beauty (hair and skin), heart and respiratory, joints, diabetes, bones, sleep, women’s health… all kinds of natural goodness! Next on my list is to begin the 28 Day Focus Regimen which contains two teas: Focus and Brain Power + Spirulina Complex capsules. I look forward to being hyper-focused and I’ll share my results on Instagram!

Learn more on the Teasäne website and keep in the know on Instagram

have a great Coachella!!

photo cred: my hubby, Neil Husvar, shot for Goldenvoice last year

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