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Designed to Nourish {Dr. Brown’s} + Giveaway

snack-a-pillar baby food snacksWhile it may seem more convenient to pick up a case of jarred purees, the effort involved in creating your own is not that great.  These days there is a baby food cookbook on every rack, and respected blog, and plenty of tools to get the job done.

Dr. Brown’s is a trusted brand that women have long loved.  They may be known for their top notch glass baby bottles, but the Designed to Nourish line is quickly gaining its own respect.  Simplifying the process of creating baby food at home, the line contains what you need to blend, store, freeze and feed.  Starting with the professional grade immersion blender which makes quick work of soft or cooked foods.  No need to make a big mess in the blender or food processor, which both can be difficult to clean.  The hand blender features a pop-off end that can be washed separately, easy peasy.  The blender features two speeds and includes a toddler feeding guide and recipe booklet.

Stow away your newly created baby food in the storage pods that fit conveniently into a freezer tray.  The airtight silicone pods hold a portioned 3 oz, perfect for a single serving.  Since they are made of silicone, frozen food is easy to pop right out.  If you are a baby food making veteran, you probably already know that hard containers can crack in the freezer, even with allowed room to expand, but since these are silicone, they will not.  Purchase several sets as the trays are actually stackable.  This really comes in handy when creating a large batch of meals for the freezer as they won’t take up as much room.  Using the big batch/freezer method, you can save a lot of time during the busy week.

Keep track of the contents with the My Dots storage labels.  Labeling the pods is very helpful especially if you have multiple kids eating baby food.  If one has an allergy or simply does not like certain foods, the labels will keep you straight.  They can also help you keep track of the age, making sure you are only serving fresh meals to your little ones.  Each pack comes with 72 microwave/freezer safe dots.

The Snack-A-Pillar is a column of stackable snack and dipping cups that interlock.  The twist on/off feature makes this portable arrangement completely spill-proof and ready for any diaper bag.  On-the-go meals are inevitable, and usually so are leaks.  I have lost too many diaper bags in the past to such leaks.  With the Snack-A-Pillar you can put dressings and dips right in there and have no fear of spills.  I like to use these individually as well because they hold more with their bubble tops.  All products are safe and BPA free.  Included is an introducing solid food guide.

For a great recipe resource, check out Deigned to Nourish. Purchase these Designed to Nourish products and others (plate, bowl, spoons and training cup) from these retailers.  For a chance to win the blender and storage products, a $75 value, enter below.

designed to nourish review
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Product was provided by Dr. Brown’s to facilitate this review.

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