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Every day new causes arise, ones worthy of recognition and funding, from disaster relief to overseas adoption to school fundraisers.  One awesome way for people to come together for a cause is through purchasing custom t-shirts, the proceeds funneling into making a difference. You must spend money to make money, right?  Not with a crowdfunding platform like Teespring!

Teespring requires no upfront cost to sell your customized creations.  Typically when ordering custom products for an organization or cause, you must buy in bulk to even create the order. This sometimes results in an extra case or 2 of custom gear sitting in your garage, and that really cuts into your profits.  Teespring’s crowdfunding platform gives your buyers the chance to pre-order their custom tees at no cost to you.

Kids’ baseball team need new uniforms?  Adopting a beautiful baby from China? Want to help with the most recent relief effort?  So here’s how it goes:

  • Launch your campaign – Design a tee that is compelling and unique.  Set a goal for how many tees you need to sell and put a marketing plan into motion.
  • Spread the word – Blow up all social media networks, get your local groups involved and schmooze, schmooze, schmooze!
  • Collect your profit – Teespring handles the heavy lifting of printing and shipping.  You sit back and collect!

Here is an example from a family raising funds for their upcoming adoption (love):

teespring review

Keep Teespring in mind as the kids head back to school.  Undoubtedly several fundraisers will find their way to your community and school, and now you will have the best suggestions on the committee! Check out the easy process online at Teespring.

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