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adaptive sound machine With an estimated half a billion people in the world suffering from sleep disorders, many restless nappers are looking for help.  I imagine it was a lot easier to fall asleep back in times where the “noise pollution” was crickets, coyotes, or rogue frogs.  Now in a world of non-stop traffic from city streets, highways, trains, even through the air, the nights have gotten a lot louder.  I know because not only do I live by a busy city street intersection, but also right next to a hospital where frequent Medevac Helicopters putter very low overhead.  Before that, I was smack in the middle of downtown Los Angeles.  There I had noises other than traffic to bug me (rowdy nightlife and screaming ambulances).  It seems no matter where you go, there’s always something.  Even in the calm of a serene rural area, an unwelcome visitor (croaking birds) can disrupt your slumber.

Sound machines have been around for awhile and I have tried quite a few.  They have come a long way from the short loops or unnatural sounds.  But even once you find the sound you like, how do you efficiently drown out all that background noise–Without waking the neighbors?  The incredibly innovative SOUND+SLEEP will help you recharge your battery with continuous nights of peaceful sleep.  I know this, because I have experienced it (and I am one troubled sleeper)!  Toss those sleep meds and purchase a sleep machine with Adaptive Sound Technology.  This technology actually listens and responds to your environment to neutralize all that unwanted background noise.  Shocked?  You should be.  You can listen for yourself through their website the ability this amazing sound machine has to “go with” your surroundings, leaving you with a consistent, soothing noise.

Each Sound Story, as they name their noises,  has the ability to adapt to the noises around you, leaving them tuned out for your ears.  You can still get all of your favorite nature and city sounds–Whatever  you are most used to.  When I was falling asleep as a child, I remember the sounds of crickets and frogs because I was lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful natural place.  Despite my move seven years ago to Southern California cities, I still crave the sound of crickets.  For some, its the calming whizz of cars, the bubbly babbling brook, a crackling fireplace, or ocean waves lapping at the sand.  I know I also really enjoy the sound of rainfall, especially since moving to the desert where it rarely rains.  You can have all of these and more with SOUND+SLEEP.  Out off all 10 awesome Sound Stories, my favorite has been meditation.  It is so calming to me that I find myself just putting it on during the day when I sit down to write or read…simply sublime.

The sleek look of SOUND+SLEEP is a major plus, and it looks great on my nightstand.  The buttons are straightforward, easy to use and adjust.  With the minimal lighting they provide, you can even adjust in the dark.  If you find these lights distracting, simply turn them off.  There is a manual dial on front that makes switching sounds effortless.  You will also be able to power on/off, switch off display lights, adjust volume, set a timer, adjust richness, and switch on adaptive option.  The timer has 4 levels–30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes with a gradual turn off–thank you.  You can also select continuous play, which I often do.

So let’s talk richness.  This feature is really incredible as it allows you to customize each sound to your preference.  Start the noise at regular basic level and then click the richness up one.  Soon you will start to hear little nuances.  If it is a roaring fire, now you will hear crackling and popping.  Click the richness up again and hear a log slip off the fire, some hissing… As you build the richness, the Sound Story just gets more detailed and lovely.   All 10 are naturally recorded high-definition sound profiles, and it shows.  Because the speaker is on top, the sound really fills the room.

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I cannot say enough about the quality of this product.  SO much thought has gone into the end result and it leaves me with nothing else but ultimate serenity at night.  In the morning, I awake refreshed and rejuvenated, and that is something I have long chased.  I highly recommend this sound machine for anyone, whether they have sleep issues like me or not!  Purchase from SOUND+SLEEP for $130–but wait, sign up for their newsletter and receive $30 off retail!!

Product was provided to facilitate review. 

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