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As parents, we are all hoping to raise independent, confident kids who have the chance to truly express themselves. While all kids are different and express themselves in different ways, great opportunity lies in the arts. Presenting kids with the chance to really explore “the arts” comes in the form of lessons, camps, workshops and viewing others. An activity that not only is great for self expression, but also academic improvement, hand-eye coordination and discipline is learning a new instrument. This spring, my daughter is doing just that – starting guitar lessons at Guitar Center and let me tell you why we’re so pumped!

Savannah has always been a bit of a mystery to me. On a very basic level, we are SO different. As she matures, I realize more and more just how different we are in personality, emotional needs – the way we tick is totally opposite. It is a challenge to me as a parent, which I am grateful for as every challenge is a chance for me to grow.

She has never been particularly creative, crafty or emotional. I never saw her playing dress up, never caught her doodling on the walls and literally nothing I did could draw big emotions from her. She is more methodical, practical (I say she was born an adult) and even-keeled, though that seems to be changing a bit as we navigate life through puberty.

While she may not inherently crave creative expression, with just a little push and a lot of encouragement, she takes off. For the last couple of years, competitive cheerleading has been her outlet. It has truly helped shape who she is today, given her some of her closest friends, taught her teamwork and responsibility, and allowed her to boldly express herself.

This week, cheer ends for the season. Her last practices are this week, her final competition is Sunday and the wrap up pool party is soon after. Since it is such a big part of her life, she’s a bit bummed. There will be plenty of cheer and tumbling clinics through the summer, but it isn’t the same, and to fill that void she has a new activity (that I hope will turn passion) guitar lessons!

This time of year, there is a great shift on the horizon. School is starting to wrap up (only 3 more weeks of homeschool lessons left for us!) and seasonal sports are coming to a close. Those lazy summer days and relaxing summer vacations are sounding pretty good, but it’s also important to keep kids learning new things and expressing themselves creatively.  Music education is the perfect choice.

Savannah has wanted to begin guitar lessons for awhile now. She has been messing around with a guitar learning game on the Xbox, but nothing compares to an in-person experience, and where better to go than Guitar Center?

At Guitar Center, the curriculum is focused on teaching theory through contemporary music. All curriculum programs are approved by the National Association for Music Education, the world’s largest arts education organization. With your kid’s in mind, they tailor the curriculum to their personal goals and interests with a database on thousands of songs to learn. I can’t wait to what Savannah learns to play!

Another perk of learning guitar lessons at the Guitar Center is that they are everywhere, right? With over 200 locations nationally, there is one right down the street from most everyone. It’s a one-stop shop as a place for not only lessons but also retail, instrument repairs and supplemental learning materials – everything an aspiring guitar player could need.

Of course the main concern when looking for guitar lessons is the instructors ability. With time hard to come by, no parent wants to waste it! At Guitar Center, you know you’re getting a pro who is passionate about helping others reach their musical goals. They pair the right instructor with your kid, the person who will help them power through the Guitar Center achievement program – from Opening Act to Headliner (in as much or as little time as they need).

Guys, I can’t wait to share Savannah’s musical journey with you guys and I’m truly praying this is the beginning of something big for her. I’ll definitely document her lessons and share them on my social media, so make sure to follow me on Instagram! I’ll also post her progress here a month down the road.

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