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For most parents, finding a new car seat for your child that ranks high on safety is crucial but for the child, comfort is the primary concern. I honestly never gave the comfort part much thought, figuring that most car seats were the same.  Then we received the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro, which provides both superior safety features and comfort for the child plus many other wonderful features.

The Kiddy Cruisrfix Pro is a high back booster seat for children 4-12 years old weighing 33-100 lbs.  The adjustable head and shoulder rest allows for the seat to grow with your child while creating a perfect fit.    The seats shoulder area is specifically designed to provide the best protection in the event of an accident and uses high performance shock absorbing material in the head and shoulder areas.  Kiddy’s car seats also include their patented Kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA), which is located on both sides of the seat shell.  According to their website, “The vehicle seatbelt rests against the KSA when installed properly. In the event of a collision the force of impact is transferred into the KSA and deforms the special crumple zone materials inside.  No other car seat manufacturer offers this fantastic new feature.” That fact puts this Nervous Nelly at ease.

As I mentioned earlier, I never gave it much thought when it came to how comfortable the actual seat was until my daughter started to request that I drive our other car so she can sit in her new car seat.  She went on to tell me that her new seat is more comfortable and cozy than the seat in my car and perfect for sleeping while we are driving around.  Since she is my little tester, I decided to probe the subject a little more to find out exactly what made it so comfortable.  She mentioned that it it felt better on her back and that it is more cushiony than her other seat.  Then she made me promise that we can take dad’s car next time we went on the highway.  The only complaint she had was that it didn’t have any cup holders.

The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro’s lightweight design and easy adjustments makes it simple to use. Installing the car seat was a breeze and took minimal time.  Right after we installed the seat, we headed into Portland and noticed that the head and shoulder rests needed to be lowered in order to provide a more accurate seatbelt alignment on our daughter.  It was quick and effortless to adjust; we were able to pull over and correct it in a cinch by using the one-handed seat adjustment, allowing us to fix it without taking the seat out of the car.

Kiddy is a German based company who has been developing car seats for over 30 years. They have an entire line of products that include strollers and an adventure back carrier. You can learn more about the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro and their other products through their U.S. site KiddyUSA and you can purchase the seat online at Amazon ($219.00).

Special thanks to KiddyUSA for providing a sample to facilitate this review.

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