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Summer is the time I usually kick my beauty regimen up a notch. Regular pedicures, daily exfoliation and sun protection are a must! This season I also decided to get a summer hairdo: a light and bright lob that helps keep my core temperature down. We are already hitting 115 in Palm Springs, after all! To protect my new (all-time favorite) hair I’ve switched to a full range of natural, salon quality, cruelty-free hair products by Giovanni.

When I decided to switch to a vegan diet a few years ago, I did it solely for health reasons. I wanted to improve my kidney function (which struggle with animal protein) have more energy, less brain fog and feel better in general. It worked (yeay). But after eating a vegan diet for awhile, you really start to think about the other facets of being vegan. You think about the animal cruelty and animal testing that happens every day to make the products you buy. The beauty industry being one of the biggest offenders.

If you want to stand up for the guinea pigs and bunnies, you need to check all of your skincare, makeup and haircare for the Leaping Bunny logo. If the product is Leaping Bunny Certified, you can sleep easy knowing that brand is cruelty-free. For haircare, I’ve switched completely to Giovanni hair products, the #1 selling hair care brand in the United States Natural Products Industry. They’ve never tested on animals and do not include harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients.

You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate Giovanni hair products. If you care enough about your health to do other things like buy organic produce, work out, purify your water, then it’s important you also use natural products at home. It’s crazy to think how many toxins we are bombarded with on a daily basis, but it doesn’t have to happen in your shower! During the summer I tend to wash my hair more often because I am in the pool so much – I really put our outdoor shower to work – so a gentle shampoo is a must.

Let me tell you, I’m very serious about my haircare products and I’ve been let down A LOT, as I’m sure you have too. I pay good money at the salon to keep my hair how I like it, including color, so I wouldn’t want to compromise that with a crappy shampoo containing chemicals that strip and destroy my hair. I try to keep things natural but, as I’m sure you know, sometimes natural products Just. Don’t. Work. What you get with Giovanni is a full-range of salon quality products that DO work amazingly. I’m a true believer!

For my wavy hair, these are the products I use and love from the Giovanni Eco Chic line:

Find the right hair products for your hair type here!

A little history of the brand: Arthur Guidotti, a hairstylist in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, opened up his own salon in the 1960s right on the Sunset Strip. After years of professional styling he noticed his hands were starting to react to the harsh chemicals in hair care products. With a small team of 3 employees and 12 products, the brand took off, selling to studio salons at MGM, Paramount and Fox. Since 1979, the Giovanni Rule of Balance has been their commitment — to make each product as pure and as natural as possible without sacrificing exceptional product performance. Giovanni really bridges the gap between natural and salon-quality!

Here’s what I genuinely like about the products, besides the fact that they areinfused with natural botanical ingredients. My scalp can get oily while the rest of my hair dries out. I really need a shampoo that can gently strip away not only excess oils but also product build-up; I need a conditioner (and a leave-in conditioner) that leaves my hair silky soft. I get that with Giovanni. I also love (like really love) the Frizz Be Gone serum, which I apply before I blow dry. It leaves my straight lob completely frizz-free. For days when I don’t blow dry, which is pretty often in the summer, I need a gel to amp up my natural waves. The smallest bit of the L.A. Hold Styling Gel and I get all-day waves and even a bit more shine. These products are the real deal.

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