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I’m sharing how I control diaper pail odor with Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #ZepSocialstars


Right now I am in the pre-potty-trained toddler stink, which is pretty terrible.  I am very much over the diaper.  I have two options for Gabriel’s dirty diapers, the diaper pail, which isn’t so fresh these days, or the big trash can outside.  Living in the Southern California desert with constant sun beating down, our trashcan full of dirty diapers can create an amazingly awful aroma that is off-putting for our poor neighbors.  Until now, I really had no idea what to do but suck it up and keep the diapers inside until trash day.

#zepsocialstars diaper pail odor eliminator

I’m not sure if this is Gabriel-specific or if it is everyone, but when Gabriel has a fever his poo turns extra toxic.  Sorry to air your dirty diapers like this, Gabe, but it’s the truth.  He is going through that terrible second set of molars teething time.  …low fevers for over a week, generalized crankiness and acidic poop that burns his butt type of teething.  When he is screaming in pain, I don’t have time to run the diaper off to the outside garbage.  He needs me to clean, treat and then soothe him – it has been really rough for us both.  …and that is why I brought the diaper pail back into his room.

With Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator, I can actually leave the pail in his room and there is no stink at all.  Now when we have a bad episode, I can toss it into the pail and stay with him for as long as he needs.  You simply sprinkle or pour the Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator into the bottom of the pail (not in the bag) and walk away.

#ZepSocialstars diaper pail odor elimination

The Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator controls that instant gag-inducing fevery poop smell.  Left in the bottom of the pail, it also absorbs leaks from ripped or overstuffed trash bags.  It has a very pleasant citronella and cherry fragrance, which isn’t overpowering like I thought it would be.  You can always tell the difference between something that masks smells and something that eliminates smells by the strength of its fragrance.  This stuff works with toddler poop, so you know it can easily handle food smells in the kitchen.  Make sure to add this in to your spring cleaning routine!

#zepsocialstars toddler stink

Diaper pails are the true test, though my sun-baked outside garbage can is pretty awful as well.  I also sprinkled the Garbage Odor Eliminator in the outside garbage and recycling cans <— if you do not rinse your recycling those bins can get super sticky and stinky from leaks so this product is a dream come true for them!

Have you ever seen a toddler play the slide whistle?

#zepsocialstars toddler slide whistle

Now you have.

Purchase Zep Garbage Odor Eliminator at Home Depot for $4.97 to control food, toddler and pet odors/leaks in the trashcan — Happy Spring Cleaning everyone!

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