8 essential Christmas gifts for artsy teens

This year, I’m trimming a lot of the fat from my typical Christmas gift list. Out with the toys that will be played with twice and then thrown into the growing closet heap… in with gifts my kids will actually use like experience gifts, art supplies and quality clothing. My oldest is a total art nerd and she loves to use basically any type of media. As she has gotten older, I’ve looked into higher quality art supplies for her and I’ve learned a lot (not a great artist myself). These are the art supplies I’ve found are best for budding artists! Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!

quality art supply gifts

Copic markers

I have to start with Copic markers because they are the gold standard of markers. Yes, they are pricey but they are professional markers that are refillable. Both the nibs and ink are replaceable. I also love this Copic marker set of skin tones.

Prismacolor Premier colored pencils

In our opinion, these colored pencils are the best all-around for our family! They are made from artist grade wax and layer/blend very well.

Faber-Castell beeswax crayons

If you’re looking for bright, beautiful crayon drawings from your kiddo, this is the set for them. The crayons are extra-thick so they don’t break easily (perfect for little hands) and the color goes on super smooth. This set is 24 beeswax crayons in a carrying case + doodle pad + sharpener. I bought this originally for my 6 year old but my 12 year old discovered she loved doodling with them as well.

Sakura travel watercolor kit

My daughter recently got into watercolor and she most enjoys painting nature. This travel watercolor kit is perfect for those who like to paint on trips or outdoors – includes brush, sponge, built-in palette, 24 mini watercolor cakes, all in a travel case.

Liquitex Basics acrylic paint

These acrylics are top notch quality and perfect for not only painting on canvas, but also on a million different craft materials. We’re on our third box of these 48 acrylic paints and have painted everything from clay turkeys to Styrofoam planets.

Arteza gel pens

Arteza is a great brand for those wanting inexpensive yet better-than-basic quality art supplies. We love their gel pens and this set includes 7 Classic, 9 Pastel, 6 Rainbow (changes color as you draw), 6 Neon, 10 Metallic, 12 Glitter, and 10 Fluorescent. Don’t forget to also grab these gel pen ink refills!

Miya Gouche paint set

Gouche paint is my favorite and lots of people have never even heard of it. FYI it is pronounced “gwosh”. It is sometimes referred to as “opaque watercolor” with good reason. Basically, it looks like the in-between of watercolor and acrylic, which is AHmazing! I love this little kit that travels well, perfect gift size.

Moleskin Sketchbook 

A solid sketchbook is perfect for on-the-go drawings, sketches and tempura paint. This one from Moleskin is our favorite – top quality and great for using with your Copic markers! There’s also a pocket-size sketchbook.


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