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help your child naturally fight their cold & flu {Zarbee’s Naturals}

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

Cold and Flu Season is here whether we like it or not. When it comes to immune systems, I have a very holistic view. We make smoothies daily with freshly squeezed oranges and lots of fruits and veggies loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. I have still had a few days where I’ve woken up with a slightly sore throat and for me, I simply put a little Oreganol P73 into a vegetable capsule with olive oil and down the hatch it goes. If I feel the slightest bit sick, I also take Elderberry Syrup. But what do I do when it comes to my kids? They too are very familiar with Elderberry remedies and humidifiers, but with asthma and allergies, we get a lot of stuffy noses and coughs. My 18 month old just recently had her first croup.

My key tips for helping to prevent and help reduce duration of colds are the following:

  • WASH YOUR HANDS! Such an easy thing to do, but so many kids forget that as soon as they get home from school to wash your hands (plus several other times during the day).
  • Protect that skin, rub a little aquafore on your child’s nostrils to help them heal any dry irritation before bed. They’ll wake up much happier.
  • Have a fresh fruit smoothie everyday with your favorite antioxidant berries. Add some bananas, kale and squeeze fresh orange juice and/or grapefruit juice into the smoothie.
  • Get yourself a few packs of Boogey Wipes. I love these things, especially Grape scent. I keep them everywhere! They’re great for wiping noses and even cleaning off their whole face. Lots of baby wipes have chemicals in them that can irritate sensitive skin. Steer clear of them and reach for Saline Wipes.
  • Humidifiers are a great reliever especially if you add a little eucalyptus, fennel or horehound to the water.
  • A natural children’s cough syrup made from Antioxidant-rich dark honeys. If possible, I always prefer local raw honey, but that’s not always something I have handy, or travel with. Zarbee’s is a great option that has formulas for infants as well as older kids.


I’m absolutely in love with Zarbee’s Naturals Cough & Throat Relief Nighttime Drink. This is for adults as well as children. Simply mix the packet into about 6 ounces of hot water and you have a delicious warm drink that soothes your throat. This drink has melatonin in it. Some melatonin can come from animals, but Zarbee’s has selected a pure, synthetic source that is identical to what your body naturally releases to help promote restful sleep.

If your child has a hard time sleeping at night, you now have a safe and effective option. Their SLEEP pills have that same melatonin in it and is safe, non-habit forming and won’t leave them feeling groggy the next day. This product is a great option when your child’s sleep cycle is disrupted such as Daylight Savings Time or time zone changes during travel. Definitely not something you need everyday, but in that rare occasion, you’ll be happy you have this option in your medicine cabinet. I also highly recommend essential oils and a lavender filled stuffed animal that you can heat up in the microwave to help soothe your child to sleep.


So many children’s cough and cold medicines were taken off of drug store shelves a few years back, and for good reason. The founder of Zarbee’s is a pediatrician and father of four who developed this line to provide a safe, effective solution for the number one complaint of parents. His syrups are made with a unique blend of antioxidant-rich dark honeys, Vitamin C and Zinc.

Their Baby Cough Syrup is the only cough syrup on the market that’s safe and effective for babies 2 months+. It helps to soothe irritated throats and calm your baby’s cough. It’s made with natural cough-suppressing agave nectar, which holds the effective clinical characteristics notable in honey and is safe enough for babies.

One of my favorites is their Cough Syrup + Mucus Relief because not only does my baby get a nasty cough, but she has a lot of mucus that irritates her throat constantly. This blend has their same soothing dark honey blend along with natural ivy leaf extract, which helps to ease throat and chest inflammation and loosens mucus wet cough.

If you have a baby who is having sleepless nights due to constant cough, I’m sure you’re happy to see that he also has an option for you. Zarbee’s Children’s Cough Syrup – Nighttime has the same dark honeys with Vitamin C, Zinc and a touch of melatonin for soothing relief from cough and irritated throats.

If you’re like me, any type of medicine is a last resort, but make sure that you have your Zarbee’s Naturals on hand when your child or you need a little extra relief. Head over to Zarbee’s to see all of their safe and effective products. It’s also nice to know all of their products have no side effects and are free from drugs, alcohol, gluten and artificial flavors or dyes.

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  1. Lacenda
    February 11, 2014 at 8:13 am — Reply

    My 6 month old just came down with a nasty cold, our doTerra oils aren’t helping with her cough, so I’m going to buy some of the baby cough syrup to try. Hope it helps her sleep a little better at night too!

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