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cult hair & body products now for all girls with spirit {Cheer Chics}

Being a cheerleader was crazy super fun.  I loved all of it: the uniforms, the ribbons and curls, the football games and the competitions.  Cheer holds some of my best childhood memories and it always gave me the clearance to wear glitter on my face and in my hair, past the typical age when that is acceptable, and that is awesome.


Cheer Chics is a line of hair and body products that were once reserved for cheerleaders only. It has a cult following.   Now any girl with spirit can experience the yummy-smelling collection!  With catchy names like Hip Hop Hooray Firm-hold Hairspray and Pom Pom Hair Pudding, your girls will absolutely love this brand, and scents!  These all smell so good that my daughter often reapplies throughout the day just to experience the aroma!

If you saw my post yesterday about cleaning my daughter’s bathroom, you probably saw some Cheer Chics products, and this sassy face:
#cheerchics review in_the_know_mom

#cheerchics cheer chics review in_the_know_mom

So my 7 year old has crazy curly hair.  It is beautiful and we all love it – except for when it comes time to brush it… I’ve never encountered a tougher mess of curls to comb through.  It is painful for her and stressful for me.  One night of sleep on her mop and she wakes up with a BIRD NEST back there.  Needless to say, we go through a LOT of leave-in conditioners and detangling sprays.  Now we have a new favorite, and I don’t think we’ll ever use a different product again!

The Awesome All-Star Detangler and Leave-In Conditioner magically separates curly knots and leaves behind silky soft hair.  It also smells like cotton candy – so yum – and my daughter just flips out over it.  Not only does it leave her hair with a hint of cotton candy, it also reduces the amount of tears shed as I pull a comb through her hair.  A+

#cheerchics cheer chics hair and body review in_the_know_mom

Now that my daughter is fully into skincare, she collects body lotions and moisturizers.  The Bring It On Body Lotion is a house favorite — it’s creamy and sinks right into the skin.  It is a great moisturizer that also leaves behind shimmer!  It is the perfect amount of shimmer for everyday use… just a little sparkle to keep your girls glowing!

Since a life without glitter is no life at all, there is the We’ve Got Sparkle Hair and Body Glitter,  a spray gel that comes in 7 glitter colors: red, blue, pink, gold, purple, lime green and silver.  This is awesome because you can no doubt find one to match your school colors!  We went with silver because who doesn’t love metallic glitter?!

cheer chics body glitter in_the_know_mom

Cheer Chics is owned by Lucky Luna, LLC — a favorite company of mine that creates Luna Star Naturals, Klee Girls all natural mineral makeup (see my Klee review here), SPARKLi natural play makeup and PRETENDi natural face paint (need to grab some of those ASAP!).  These are all great options for stocking stuffers!

Purchase  Cheer Chics products at!

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