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figs with proscuitto and goat cheese

You would know by now I am fig obsessed, just like I am anchovy obsessed – but I tend to hide my anchovies and use them for their salty flavour. With figs it is different – they are very much the hero of whatever ‘fig’ dish I seem to make,

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This morning at the markets my nose caught whiff of some delightfuly fragrant nectarines. Looking very pretty in their orange and yellow hues, I purchased a big bag full and headed home to flick through some recipes. For those of you that are not nectarine savvy, here are a few

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Whenever I have an idea I have to write it down, but I forget about it when I do not have my trusty notepad nearby. Chalkboards were always too dusty and white boards were always unattractive and bulky.  IdeaPaint has solved this problem with IdeaPaint HOME. Anything you can paint can

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oatmeal cookies recipe
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   There are not many people who would (or could) pass up a good oatmeal cookie – and these are great! We made them today in a rainy New York City and they were all gone by afternoon-tea time. Every time I turned my back there were little (and big)

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Do you have anything that makes you feel super fancy?  Like someone who has a yatch, and loads of personalized items every where you look?  Well a monogram bib and burp cloth from Sweet Seraphina will do the trick.  I am a big fan of anything personalized (towels, tote bags,

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There are a lot of beautiful children’s boutiques in my neighborhood.  I recently became obsessed with the knit and crocheted stuffed animals that started to pop up in most of the shops, but held out because of the big price tag.  Then I came across the beautiful crocheted works of

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I am not exaggerating when I say that I have tried almost every natural cleaning product on the shelves at most stores – and even attempted to make my own – in my search for natural and effective cleaners.  Even before having a baby, I didn’t want my husband and

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I love giving personalized gifts and with summer (and beach season) just around the corner, a custom monogrammed beach towel is the perfect gift!  Give a set of two to a couple for a unique wedding shower gift, or a single one for as a baby gift.  The Pickle Tree,

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buckwheat cereal
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To continue with my series of posts on healthy breakfast options, I wanted to share something that I discovered very recently: Buckwheat Groats. I had been reading a lot about them and, while I knew of their existence and great nutritional value, I had no idea just how to incorporate

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So, You bought the fancy digital SLR camera, you bought some type of editing program, and you’ve taken photos upon photos but your still not getting the look of a professional!? What you may not know is that professional photographers hardly ever use their pop-up flash on their DSLR. Photographers

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