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Plan Toys Bowling
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For the past six years now, PlanToys has been one of my top favorite toy manufacturers. I’m a sucker for wooden toys. They’re green, cute and I like to picture my future grandchildren playing with the same toys their mom’s played with as kids. For over 30 years, PlanToys has

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knitting for kids

Gifts that inspire creativity and new hobbies are the best, and this Christmas, I’m hunting for the them high and low.  My almost 7 year old discovered “yarn bombing” the other day where people use knitting as a form of graffiti .  Well, you know she thought it was amazing

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melissa and doug magic

Finding toys that provoke thought and inspire little minds are real gems in a sea of… junk.  So you can avoid wading through that, there is Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, a 15 franchise chain selling quality toys with a side of excellent customer service and free gift wrap!  I

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motorworks race car review

Have I mentioned how cool it is to be a mom of a boy?  Yeah, I’m sure I have.  I love having a girl but it is so much fun to switch over to boy stuff.  It is funny how into construction and cars my boy is at 7 months…

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Sarah and myself started In The Know Mom for a lot of reasons several years ago. About five and a half years ago we became friends from our similar likes and passions. We both refused to settle for plastic toys that everyone seemed to have. Melissa, has a very similar

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Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug
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I’m a wooden toy lover. Partly because I love when my kids can play with toys that were mine when I was little. My kids have my old wooden table and chairs and are giving it the same abuse I did and they still look amazing. Aside from durability, I

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I always get excited when I find exceptionally high quality wooden toys for my kids.  Personally, there’s just something so pure and simple about wooden toys that make them desirable.  Plus, they seem to last forever and are able to withstand the abuse of being overly played with, without eventually

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kidsride ontoyswooden

For me, milestones can be stressful. Maybe it’s because my older daughter didn’t start walking until she was 16 months old. I kept visualizing her crawling to her classes in high school. As parents, we seem to stress about these things. We naturally worry about our kids. Learning to ride

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I’m always on the hunt for visually stimulating and educational items for my girls. Learning Materials Workshop was founded in 1979 by an artist and early childhood educator. The creator understands the importance of open-ended play to help encourage your children to be creative. Open-ended play is a complex and challenging

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Keeping up with your child’s developmental toy needs can be expensive and space-consuming.  Here at ITKM, we are fond of wooden toys, green living and purchasing only the best for our kids — all of which describe the new Weerol.  The Weerol was prototyped by hand in a garage with

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